Top Tractor Tyre Brand in India

January 12, 2023

When we think of tractors, the first thing that comes to mind is their large tractor tyres. The tractor’s identity is defined by its large tyres and big Engine. A tractor works harder and more efficiently in difficult areas with the help of its big tyres. Tyres are regarded as the Tractor’s best friend.

A tractor is an important agricultural vehicle that helps a farmer in cultivation. Moreover, Tyres provide safety in the fields. In modern farming, heavy machines are used, and a good quality tyre is required to withstand their weight.

A tractor is one of the important pieces of farm equipment that aids a farmer in farming. Tyres are often regarded as the Tractor’s Best Companion. Field safety is made possible by tyres. Heavy machinery is employed in contemporary farming, and a decent quality tyre is needed to support their weight.

Tyre is an essential component of any vehicle that allows it to run. Tractor tyres must be well-built in order to achieve farming and construction goals. The tyres are high-quality and widely available in India. Farmers select various tyre sizes for various farm applications.

What do you know about tractor tyres?

A tractor tyre is a ring-shaped component that fits around a wheel’s rim and distributes weight from a vehicle’s axle to the ground while also enhancing traction on a road surface.

Top 5 Tractor Tyres Brands in India

Tyres are necessary for all types of vehicles, including tractors, cars, trucks, and more. There are many different tractor tyre manufacturers, so we’ve listed some of the more well-known ones below:

  • Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tractor Tyre is a well-known tyre manufacturer around the globe. They are the first Indian tyre company to offer radial agricultural tyres, and they also produce automotive tyres and tubes.

On September 28, 1972, Apollo Tyres Ltd. was established as a public limited company. On October 24, 1972, the company was granted a certificate of business commencement.

Apollo Tyres is a well-known manufacturer of tractor tyres in India. The majority of farmers use Apollo Tractor Tyres. It is an Indian company that manufactures six different tractor tyre series: FX Series,  AGREX, Krishak Series, Farmking, Powerhaul, and Virat. Apollo Tyres offers more than 40 distinct varieties of tractor tyres.

The brand is the market leader, with a nearly 25% market share. In Thrissur, Kerala, Perambra, Apollo opened its first facility and was commissioned. As of right now, the company has four manufacturing facilities in India.

  • CEAT Tyres

CEAT Tyres is a multinational company producing a wide variety of tyres for different vehicles. It makes tyres for cars, trucks, buses, tractors, etc. It is a well-established tyre brand globally and domestically. The CEAT Tractor Tyres are in much demand in India due to their durability, better grip, and smooth handling. It manufactures 2 series of tractor tyres in India, namely CEAT Vardhan and CEAT Aayushmaan. Globally, it produces more than 30 tractor tyres, and in India, it manufactures more than 20 tyre models for tractors.

CEAT Tyres is one of the multinational corporations that make a wide range of tyres for various vehicles. It manufactures tyres for tractors, trucks, buses, automobiles, and other vehicles. It is an internationally and domestically recognised tyre brand.

India has a large demand for CEAT tractor tyres, which are made in two different series: CEAT Vardhan and CEAT Aayushmaan. It manufactures about 30 various varieties of tractor tyres, including over 20 different types in India.

Virginio Bruni Tedeschi established Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino in Italy in 1924. On March 10, 1958, CEAT Tyres of India was incorporated in Mumbai. CEAT Tyre initially cooperated with the Tata Group. CEAT tyres are used in all facets of basic and advanced farming. All Indian farmers can afford the cost of CEAT tyres. All agricultural activities can now be completed using a CEAT Tractor Tyre Price economic component.

  • BKT Tyres

In 1987, Mumbai, India-based Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT), a manufacturer of tyres, was established. Balkrishna Industries has five facilities in Dombivali, Aurangabad, Bhiwadi, Bhuj, and Chopanki that produce off-highway tyres used in specialised industries such as agriculture, gardening, mining, and earthmoving.

It is one of the industry leaders in the production of off-road tyres.

This global tyre company was domestically founded. It specialises in making industrial, agricultural, and OTR (off-the-road) tyres.

BKT tyres make More than 10 different series of tractor tyres. it includes the BKT Ridemax IT Series, BKT Commander Series, BKT Trac Farm Series and BKT Agrimax Series.

BKT Tires manufactures tyres for both the front Tyres  and back Tyres and has 50+ tractor tyre varieties in its inventory.

  • MRF Tyres

In the year 1946, M. Madras Rubber Factory as a toy balloon manufacturing company started by Mammen Mappillai, the  plant in Tiruvottiyur, Madras. The business’s current logo was created in 1964, and in 1967, it became the first Indian Tractor Brand to export tyres to the United States.

MRF Tyres is a company that offers affordable, long-lasting tyres to farmers. The MRF Tyre brand has increased farmers’ output.

MRF Tyres has Over 70 different tractor tyre models available. These variants, which cover both the front and back tyres, are available in various sizes. Tractor tyres from MRF are available in 9 series. They include, among others, the Farm Muscle Series, the Shakti Series, the Krishi Series, and the Pahalwan Series.

  • Birla Tyres

Birla Tyres is founded in  year 1991 as a subsidiary of Kesoram Industries Ltd, the flagship company of the Basant K Birla Group in Kolkata, West Bengal. During its early years, it collaborated with world-renowned tyre producer Pirelli to produce and develop tyres.

Birla company manufactures Tyres for automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, heavy earthmoving machinery and farm vehicles.

The BIRLA tractor tyre has the best grip on any surface, making it the ideal tyre for agricultural application. Farmers will be able to purchase BIRLA tractor tyres at an affordable price that are ideal for agricultural use. The client has given Birla Tires a stronghold in their hearts.

Birla Tyre creates three different types of tractor tyres: Birla Farm Haul Platina, Birla Shaan, and Birla Chakra, all of which are reasonably priced and packed with features.