10 Comfort Features That Need To Be Standardized In Modern Cars

For years, automakers resisted including them out of concern that the installation of seatbelts would send the wrong safety message. You can look for best kia service centre in delhi. Nowadays, automakers are more likely to promote their safety features than their performance, technology, or fuel efficiency. Always choose reputable kia seltos service centre in delhi. With increasing technological breakthroughs, cars now have capabilities that we never imagined were conceivable, elevating luxury and comfort to a whole new level. The cost of kia seltos service centre is very nominal. We think that at the very least adding these features can make sense given the significant increase in vehicle prices even without a single change.

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  1. Controls Mounted on the Steering

Imagine doing all of this to change the volume: dragging yourself toward the steering, bending over to the centre while making sure you are still paying attention to the road. To change the volume, find radio stations, and change tracks, wheel mounted controls are far more pleasant to use—not to be snooty or anything.

  1. Headrests for back seat

The back seat headrests are one of the top comfort characteristics that need to be standard in current vehicles, despite the fact that you as the driver might not be able to comprehend this. These headrests for the back seat not only provide much-needed neck support, but they also offer much-needed rest.

  1. Locking the central door

You shouldn’t have to put your key into the door handle and lock it every time, just like with the manually operated windows. Consider a situation in which you are unsure whether you locked your automobile or not and your home is on the second or third story of a structure without an elevator.

  1. Internal Rear View Mirror, Day/Night

The headlights of approaching cars and those in our rear are the most inconvenient and hazardous objects we encounter while driving at night. The light glare from the idiots behind us is lessened by a day/night internal back view mirror, albeit you can’t keep yelling at them to switch to low beam.

  1. Dead brake

For both automatic and manual gearbox vehicles, a dead pedal is a useful device. Before using this feature, you may not have known you needed it. The left foot typically doesn’t have a fixed position to stay in, especially when using an automatic transmission where it has little to accomplish.

  1. Telescoping and tilt-adjustable power steering

Although power steering has become a standard feature in all cars, we believe that another comfort element that needs to be standardised is tilt and telescopic adjustment. Because everyone is different in size and shape, the manufacturer must recognise how crucial it is to be able to drive comfortably for the duration of any trip.

  1. Automation of the climate

Currently, there are cars with 3-zone or even 4-zone climate control that can set and maintain different temperatures for various occupants within the same vehicle. On the other hand, there are vehicles that are equipped with blowers but do not even have air conditioning.

  1. Bluetooth and USB Systems

You cannot spend longer time in your car without music, regardless of its size and power. We’ve noticed that many cars in their base models are shockingly lacking in speakers and even a single-din music system.

  1. Navigation

It’s not always possible to know the route, whether it’s through the city or to another region, making navigation one of the most crucial skills one needs to go where they’re going.

  1. Energy Windows

Imagine purchasing a brand-new vehicle today, in the year 2022, and having to crank the window up by turning the door lever. When you see your cousins’ cars with power windows, you’ll feel out of date and occasionally even embarrassed. In current day of cars with even more cutting-edge and fascinating tech features, the power windows are more of a necessity than a want.


  • What are the standard features of a car?
  • Airbags
  • Traction control, ABS, and antilock brakes.
  • Regulation of electronic stability.
  • Features of safety belts.
  • Accident avoidance systems are more recent safety features.
  • Monitors for tyre pressure.
  • What 5 features do you need in a car?
  • Airbags
  • Antilock brakes
  • LATCH device
  • Traction management.
  • Control for electronic stability
  • What safety features do modern cars have are they sufficient?

The electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and anti-lock braking system (ABS) are now required safety features on all cars in India. When you apply the brakes on low-friction surfaces or while cornering, ABS prevents the wheels from locking up.

  • What types of new features do you find in modern automobiles?
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Collision Warning
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Cameras are used by lane departure warning systems to keep an eye on road markers and alert you when you’re about to or have already left your lane.
  • How can I protect my modern car? 

    Though modern cars offer a lot of comfort features, you need to protect them also. First, insure your car and park it in the garage. Purchase a customizable indoor and outdoor cover like one from Coverland Car Covers; thus, it can protect your vehicle not only from harsh weather conditions and UV rays but also from stealing threats also.