10 Facts About Domestic Violence

If you’re looking for statistics on domestic violence, you may be surprised to learn that the number of victims is actually higher than you think. According to the CDC, 16 percent of murder victims were killed by an intimate partner, usually a current or former spouse or girlfriend. Half of all female homicide victims were killed by a male intimate partner. While some forms of domestic violence are based on physical abuse, others may involve emotional and psychological abuse.

Statistics on domestic violence are grim. In 2010, one in three women will experience some form of violence during her lifetime. While men also can be victims of domestic violence, women are the majority of victims. During any given year, there are an estimated 12 million women who experience domestic abuse. Sadly, these statistics are not always accurate. However, we can look at some of the most important facts about domestic violence to help prevent abuse in our society.

First, many people are unaware of the severity of domestic violence. One in four women will suffer severe physical violence, and one in seven men will experience severe physical abuse. In the United States, roughly 10 million people experience some form of domestic violence. Further, the statistics show that domestic violence is not limited to any culture or ethnicity. Lastly, domestic violence is a common cause of death for homeless women and is responsible for at least 8 million days of lost work each year.