10 Smart Ways To Style Your Living Room With Bean Bags And Chairs

The living room is among the most important spaces in a home. So, choosing the best seating furniture is essential when designing the living room. This is where chairs and bean bags come into the picture, as they are comfortable and versatile seating options that complement the interior decor and create an aesthetically pleasing, cozy and functional environment. With many options of bean bags and chairs available from retailers like Wakefit, you should know some smart ways of styling them before investing in one. Here are 10 smart ways:

Ditch The Traditional Sofa And Invest In A Bean Bag

Forget the traditional couch and get bean bags in a unique shape with a luxurious appeal. Bean bags come in many sizes and shapes ranging from circular to geometric and you can choose one based on the look you want to create. For instance, choose an oval-shaped bean bag for a sophisticated look. Choose a pair of bean bags that suit your style and complement your interiors.

Choose Bean Bags In Bright Colours

Add energy and fun to the living room with a bright-hued bean bag. Choose colours like bright green, orange and yellow to create a youthful and cheerful atmosphere for the living room. If you have textured wood flooring or a minimal setup, choose soft blue or monochromatic bean bags for drama. Combine these chairs with cushions and decorative accents to balance the colours.

Add Bean Bags Of Different Shapes And Sizes

Add variety to your living room by choosing bean bags of different shapes and sizes. Buy bean bags online that are large enough to act as the centrepiece and add smaller bean bags that are round, rectangular or square shaped around it. This combination of different sizes and shapes gives a dynamic look to the space while also giving you ample seating choices.

Pair With Other Seating Options

If you are someone who loves using different furniture styles to create an eclectic and stylish setting go for a comfortable bean bag, or colourful ottomans paired with a transitional sofa. Play with colours by adding bright cushions that contrast with the other elements. To upgrade the looks add some patterns as well as fresh greenery to the setting.

A Cosy Corner

If you have a small living room where space is limited, use the corners of the space. You can add a bean bag with a cushion to Create a snug corner. Instead of wasting this place, you can create a cosy place that is great to snuggle with a book in the evenings.

Choose The Right Materials

Not everything is about style and appearance as comfort is equally important. The material and the fabric play a great role in how you feel when sitting. Earlier, polyester was the only fabric choice, but these days, there are many material choices for bean bags. Choose leather for an old-world charm, faux leather for comfort and natural fibres for adding aesthetics.

Patterned Bean Bags

Add style and personality to the living room with patterned bean bags. You can choose these chairs online from geometric, themed and floral prints based on your taste and decor of the living room. These patterned chairs add sophistication as well as creativity by making the space a unique and attractive one.

Place Bean Bags Strategically

Place bean bags in places that are lifeless and empty. For instance, if you have a traditional sofa in your living room, you can pair it with bean bags and ottomans in contrasting colours to create a great seating arrangement. Alternatively, if you have a TV unit and a bookcase with space in between, fill it with a bean bag to make it look stylish and functional. Do not hide bean bags in corners instead, find a place where they add value to the interiors.

Add Fun Elements For A Relaxed Vibe

Showcase your laid-back and relaxed personality using fun elements. Add a playful vibe to it by choosing a bold-coloured bean bag to complement the accent wall. Use some plants and stools to create a fun corner.

Add Stylish Chairs To Enhance The Living Room’s Beauty

Chairs are an essential choice of seating for the living room. They not only serve as a seating option but also add to the beauty of the interiors. Be it recliner chairs, accent chairs or stools, you can upgrade your furniture and infuse glam into the space. Whatsmore the chair price suits all budget ranges which makes it a bonus. Here are some stylish chairs to choose from:

  • Wingback chairs: These are stylish chairs for the living room. Opt for an upholstered accent chair as a statement piece in your living room. When it comes to style, there are many options ranging from contemporary to classic, and the upholstery gives it a polished and luxurious look.
  • Club chairs: These are chairs that are accent pieces that look plush. Club chairs are great for luxurious or minimalist interiors. Club chairs in leather or leatherette are a classic choice for a spacious and plush look and the round corner ensures comfort.
  • Armchair: Whether for the bedroom or the living room, armchairs are a great choice that optimises style and comfort. As the name indicates, they come with arms that allow you to rest comfortably and relax. Choose an armchair that has a contrasting pattern with the sofa.

Bean bags and chairs are a great choice for decorating the living room. Experiment with the above ideas and find the best combination that suits your needs and style to create a cosy living room.