3 Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Windows 11

Windows 11 data loss may have occurred due to accidental deletion. System and virus failures. Members on Reddit have shared their experiences with data loss and disappointment. They accidentally encrypted their laptop data and started using the short option Shift + delete to avoid emptying the recycling tank. Now they are asking for advice on whether it is possible or not to recover deleted files.

To solve this problem, we will talk about three effective ways to permanently restore deleted files in Windows 11. We will also give advice on how to prevent future data loss.

3 methods to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 11

Using WinfrGUI to recover permanently deleted Windows 11 files

Use Windows 11 Professional Data Recovery Software to restore lost files, including deleted

files, using Shift+delete.

Recover previous versions of files. This can be done by using a recovery point or accessing a Windows backup. It is important to enable automatic backup in advance.

The file history property can be used to locate deleted files. It works similarly to permanent deletion cancellation, but the file history must be enabled before file loss occurs.

For permanently deleted Windows 11 file recovery, WinfrGUI is a great tool to consider. Contrary to common belief, recycling can washes no files permanently. Winfr GUI is an efficient drive-free scanner software to permanently locate delete files and directories. It supports a variety of situations including recovering erased files and incorrectly formatted drives.

To load permanently deleted Windows 11 files using WinfrGUI, follow these steps:

  • Select the scan location by selecting the device and disk on which the file has been deleted. Click “Scan” to start searching for missing files.
  • Check search results. The software will automatically scan the drive and from the left panel select “Deleted files” and “Other missing files” to easily find the deleted file. Use the “Filter” or “Search files or folders” function.
  • Recover deleted files by selecting them and clicking on “Preview”, finally selecting “Recover” to save files to a secure location or device.

Do not hesitate to share this powerful file recovery software with your friends on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for their benefit.

For visual instructions, you can watch the video below about permanently recovering deleted files in Windows 11.

Restoring Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 11 from Previous Versions

Recovering permanently deleted files from previous versions in Windows 11 requires a backup, file history or recovery point. Follow these steps:

Select a file or folder where the deleted file is saved and select “Recover Previous Version”. You will be able to view the previous version of the delete file or directory. If Windows Backup is enabled, the item will show the saved file and recovery point.

For detailed tips on how to recover lost or removed files from previous versions, visit the official Microsoft website.

To recover permanently deleted Windows 11 folders using the file history, make sure you enable the “file history” feature before deleting the file or directory. Follow these steps:

  • Click the taskbar search button and type “File Recovery” before clicking “Open”.
  • Find the folder containing the previous address of the deleted file
  • Right-click to view the file.
  • Select files and click on “Restore” to get them back to their original location.

File History lets you recover permanently deleted Windows 11 folders:

In Windows 11, once you delete files, they will be moved to the repository. However, they won’t be deleted until you click on “Delete” and then on “Empty Recycle Tank”.

When files are permanently deleted or storage tanks of recyclable tanks are erased, Windows 11 will remove their references from the system, making them invisible and unreadable. However, delete files remain on hard drives, SD cards or USB flash drives until new data is stored in those places. Therefore, it is important to proceed immediately for permanently recovering deleting files. When the data is rewritten, the removed file recovery is very unlikely to be possible.

Fortunately, Windows 11 has three reliable ways to permanently recover deleted data. In case of mistake, use “Shift+Delete” and permanently destroy files or folders, these methods can easily cancel the action.

Bonus Tips: Windows 11 Data and File Protection

In order to avoid accidental deletion and errors. It is important to protect files and folders in Windows 11. One effective technique, especially when multiple users share the same account, is to protect the folder with a password.

Password protection of folders in Windows 11 has several useful features:

  • Protection against data loss when multiple users access the PC.
  • Protect Private Folders
  • Enhanced file security by password protection of folders

In addition, creating a file backup in Windows 11 is another important way to protect data. Backup allows easy file recovery, no matter how the files are lost.


Finally, please keep in mind that Windows’ Recycle Bin can help loading erroneously deleted files and folders. However, it is impossible to permanently recover delete files from the trash. This article provides detailed instructions on how to find permanently erased files.

WinfrGUI is a highly recommended tool for the ability to recover various data formats even for users with limited technical knowledge.

FAQ: Recover permanently deleted files Windows 11

Here is a short answer to the frequently asked questions about recover permanently deleted files Windows 11:

Q: Can permanently recover deleted files?

A: Yes, permanently deleted files can be recovered using appropriate procedures. Begin by avoiding using your device to prevent duplicate writing, then use professional delete file recovery software to quickly restore your files.

Q: How can CMD retrieve Windows 11 files that can’t be deleted?

A: The command “chkdsk” in the Command Prompt can be used to scan the file system of the selected device. CMD allows you to access the device and recover Windows 11 files that could not be deleted after file system repair.

Q: How do I recover deleted folders from Windows 11?

A: You can restore the folder from the backup or use WinfrGUI to scan the HDD/SSD/USB/SD card for recoverable data. See samples and recover undeleted folders using this method easily.

Q: How can I permanently recover deleted Windows 11 laptop videos?

A: Use WinfrGUI to recover removed videos from your Windows 11 laptop. This software scans the disk to find and restore deleted videos. However, when a new file replaces an old file, the chances of finding the removed video are reduced over time.