4 Ways To Impress Someone In An Event

In this world, not all of us are built for events. A lot of us would prefer to rest and stay home. For homebodies, especially, events can be pretty scary places. A lot of important people can usually be found in the room. Moreover, you have a limited time to impress certain people.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up tips that can help a lot! 


The first tip is the trickiest. It’s also the first thing that you have to catch among your fellow guests and peers when in any event at all! In casino games, you will usually dress up. But you might not need it for more casual occasions like a game of online bingo Philippines

Unfortunately, though, some people tend to overdress. As a result, the overdressing can take them to faraway places, like connections and whatever else. And to think that they all stem from the most visual cues: how you dress! It’s also one of the easiest ways that you can get noticed, too.

In an event, who do you first notice? Well, the first person you usually see is the person who looks the best. Someone who looks put-together is well-dressed, groomed, and carries themselves quite well. Not only do you look great and feel great if you put effort into your appearance, but you will also create curiosity and engagement with people. Fun fact: looking great does not require an all-designer wardrobe. 

Visual cues are one way to get noticed and impress people. When you see somebody who is put together, well-dressed, and groomed, it sends a message. It may signal they are doing something important or worth discussing, but it also creates curiosity and engagement. Invest what you can into looking your best; it doesn’t require an expensive wardrobe.

What helps you get into the best shape physically by dressing is knowing what works for you. You must know the right makeup style and colors for your features. You also need to know the right size for your body shape. Moreover, it’s the pieces that we wear sometimes that make it a good topic of conversation. 


Next is memorability. When you’re being introduced to someone new, you have to be authentic. Show genuine interest in the person you are having a conversation with. What challenges them? What are their goals? Listen more actively and genuinely. Also, don’t make the conversation all about yourself. It’s great to find common ground and things to relate to the other person. As a result, you can build chemistry and rapport with others. 

Open The Conversation

For shy people, the hardest part is striking up a conversation. However, with one word, everything tends to change. That word is “Hi” – or even “hello.” What you should note, though, is that you need to say something significant. 

When meeting and getting to know someone at an event, take the initiative to tell them stuff. An anecdote or a story sounds fun! It’s also a good indication of your character or skill. If you know how to navigate a conversation, transitioning topics will not be a problem. 

Follow Up

Lastly, you also need to improve your socializing skills. Following up is part of them. Follow the person on their social media. Add them to FB or Discord! That way, you can keep in touch! 

Wrapping Up

Impressing someone is not rocket science. Instead, it’s a matter of initiative. You have to bring your best self with you. That means you must make room to make yourself look great – and be on your best behavior, too. It also means creating space for both yourselves and others, too.