A Better Building Cooling System than District Cooling

It goes without saying that large buildings need a better building cooling system than district cooling.

District cooling comes with so many drawbacks. The most notable is an expensive upfront investment when you commit to the agreement, high monthly expenditure for maintenance, and undesired operational expenses.

That is why Cooling as a Service is now the most sought cooling system for large buildings. In this blog post, we cover the following reasons why building or property owners now find CaaS works better in bringing cool temperatures to their structures.

Things you should know about Cooling as a Service

CaaS providers use a more modern chilled water system as the main building cooling system. It is a newer and more effective way to bring a chilly environment inside a building. Since it is more efficient, it helps to save energy in the long run.

There are many reasons building owners now move to a solution like CaaS as a building cooling system.

For a starter, an efficient system means building owners can save money on energy usage. Then, building owners do not have to purchase their own cooling systems for their buildings. CaaS providers will provide the system for you and take over the responsibility of its operation. In simple words, you just have to pay for the cooling you use in your building like you would pay for water or electricity.

Ideal structures for Cooling as a Service

CaaS is perfect for cooling medium and large structures. CaaS providers have a wide range of clients. They include data centers, hotels, commercial buildings, office towers, malls, industrial plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, educational buildings, manufacturing plants, and storage companies.

If you operate those types of buildings, you can bring clean and chilly air for your customers or tenants. Utilising the CaaS approach for chilled water systems also makes it possible for buildings to get better sustainability status.

Why building owners should choose Cooling as a Service instead of district cooling

There are additional benefits of CaaS that make it a more desirable option than district cooling or traditional centralised cooling system options.

Building owners prefer CaaS because they can avoid hefty upfront fees to get into an agreement in district cooling contracts. It is a perfect solution for building owners who do not want to spend their capital on unnecessary spending.

In addition, building owners do not need to worry about maintenance expenses that are usual in the district cooling agreement. CaaS providers take care of it every month for you.

Last but not least, CaaS providers bring a modern approach to cool a building through the power of data analytics. Building owners will have access to relevant data on how the cooling system works in their building. That means you can use the data to predict your cooling expenses and manage your expenditures better.

All in all, CaaS is a better option for building owners that want to deliver comfortable temperatures inside their buildings. CaaS is cost-effective, requires no investment to buy a cooling system, and lets you focus solely on your business.