A Driver is the Convenient Way to Travel in Riyadh?

Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh is an emerging tourist destination today. Surrounded by mountains and deserts this place is best explored in a rental car. Rent a car with driver in Riyadh is the preferred choice of tourists to travel with comfort and safety. Are you confused between public transportation and car rental in Riyadh with a driver? This article will clarify your doubts and help you plan your trip to Riyadh better.

Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Car with a Driver in Riyadh

Listed below are top 10 reasons why a car with a driver for rent in Riyadh must be considered for a relaxing trip.

1. Relaxation

Driving in Riyadh as a tourist can be confusing and challenging. Being unaware of the right routes and traffic rules, your journey might get chaotic. With a driver there is nothing for you to worry about. Simply sit back and relax all throughout the journey.

2. Comfortable

Having a car with a driver for rent in Riyadh offers much more comfort as compared to a taxi or public transport. You need not wait with your bags and belongings for longer durations. The driver will come and pick up from the desired location.

3. Safety

Maintaining your safety during traveling is a major concern. Renting a car with a driver is a good way to ensure safety in Riyadh. The drivers are familiar with the surroundings and can assist you during any emergencies. The driver will have a better idea about safe routes than you.

4. More Sightseeing

While self driving one needs to pay full attention to the roads. But as a passenger you can look around and enjoy the beautiful views of Riyadh. For better views opt for an SUV car that has an increased height leading to better views. By renting a car with a driver in Riyadh, you do not miss out on anything throughout the journey.

5. Professional Drivers

Chauffeur services in Riyadh hire only skilled and experienced drivers to maintain the safety of the passengers. A professional driver is trained to handle any situation on the road. The driver takes full responsibility of the car as well the passengers seated inside.

6. Local Knowledge

The drivers hired for car rental in Riyadh are well acquainted with the local language and have vast knowledge of the city and nearby places. The drivers can take you to offbeat places and the best places for shopping, eating, etc. They are your local guides in the foreign city.

7. Easy Pickup and Drop Off

Chauffeur services in Riyadh take full responsibility for convenient pickup and drop offs of passengers. Just specify the location and your driver will be there on time. Incase of change in the location, do inform your driver at the earliest to avoid any last minute hassle in your journey.

8. No Parking Stress

Why stress about parking your car, when you can have your driver take care of it? Finding the right parking spot is a big challenge in busy cities including Riyadh. With chauffeur services, you can ease off this tension and step out of the car and let your driver park and take care of it.

9. Affordability

A car with a driver in Riyadh is considerably affordable as compared to other major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although you need to pay extra for the chauffeur, the comfort and convenience is worth every penny.

10. Plenty of Car Rental Options

The car rental industry in the UAE is huge. So is the availability of chauffeur services. Depending on the type of services you want you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. Car rental in Riyadh is an easy process with plenty of cars to choose from.

With so many perks, car rental Riyadh monthly, weekly or daily with a driver must be on your list. A driver can be your guide and companion all throughout the trip. To get access to the best car rental and chauffeur services in Riyadh, OneClickDrive is the perfect choice.