A few words about Degiro fees

It would be unthinkable to do a review of the stock market without mentioning broker DEGIRO. Indeed, DEGIRO has positioned itself as the cheapest stockbroker in the financial market. The platform first saw the light of day in Paris before becoming popular in the UK. Today it is known worldwide as the low-cost broker. It offers attractive prices and spreads that attract and entice any trader.

Who is the best stockbroker?

DEGIRO is undoubtedly the best stockbroker, considering its low fees. Thanks to favourable costs and spreads, it has managed to rise to the top of the market. Now it has a monopoly on investments on the stock market with several million clients. Thanks to the commissions he offers, many investors have recently turned to DEGIRO and chosen him as their stockbroker. However, its impressive pace has not failed to generate scepticism about its legitimacy.

A safe online broker

If you decide to invest in the stock market, DEGIRO is definitely the broker for you. It has a number of advantages that are important to point out. Already with very attractive commissions, the broker guarantees safe and efficient investments for its users. From what we have been able to observe, it is a reliable online broker that follows the rules of reliability and security.

One of the main advantages of DEGIRO is that it offers you a wide range of stock market instruments. Be it stocks, stock indices, ETFs or commodities. For stock investments, DEGIRO is the most suitable broker with its stocks, which are well represented. In addition, DEGIRO fees are quite affordable and allow you to manage portfolios optimally.

Online broker DEGIRO values transparency and legitimacy in particular. Therefore, it does not hesitate to display the costs you will be exposed to when investing. Just remember that you have access to all the necessary information before you invest your capital. This allows you to decide whether it is really worth it.

Another feature of DEGIRO is that this broker allows you to have three different account types. Including a basic account, an active account and a trader account. In these three different accounts, the broker allows itself to lend its clients’ assets to other investors. They then have the ability to trade shares they do not own.

Advantages of DEGIRO Broker

  • Trading stocks of companies listed on Euronext;
  • Competitive fees and spreads;
  • Brokerage fees: 0.04% in France and Belgium;
  • Ease of use of DEGIRO platform.