A Glimpse of Crypto Casinos in India: New Edge of Crypto Gambling

If there’s one thing Indians love as a pastime, it is gambling. As an ancient art form, gambling is an activity that found roots in India’s past. Now, the country offers some of the best online betting establishments in the world.

If you want to know more about how crypto casinos are changing the outlook of Indian casinos, keep reading below!

Why are Indians Going for Crypto Casinos? 

Although cryptocurrency in casinos is a recent phenomenon, more and more Indians are gearing towards these types of establishments. Just like the mr bet casino establishments triumphing in the West, crypto betting businesses are taking the Indian subcontinent a storm. There are many reasons why Indians trust crypto casinos over other online casinos, and we have compiled the top points:

  • No Deposit Bonus

You may know that crypto casinos tend to offer more promos and deals than other variations of casinos. This also extends to bonuses that require no deposits. Betting establishments offer no deposit bonuses as a promotional incentive. Now, you don’t have to meet wager requirements to access your first deposit reward. 

  • Anonymity

Despite evidence that gambling began in antique India, society does not approve of the act. Gambling laws, moreover, are ambiguous when it comes to the Indian Penal Code. Therefore, a cloak of anonymity is beneficial for those who want to bet in India. 

Unlike online casinos that require personal information such as names, addresses, billing information, etc., crypto casinos ask only for e-wallet addresses. This way, you don’t have to share any sort of personal data and can enjoy secure obscurity at crypto casinos.

  • Bonus Spins

Alongside deposit leg-ups, crypto casinos online also provide multiple bonus spins to bait users into signing up. Such bonuses also come under no-deposit bonuses. You won’t have to make any deposits to claim your prize. Use these spins to win big right from the start.

  • Reload Rewards

The best online crypto casinos in India offer an additional bumper – the ‘reload’ bonus. This reward is for those punters who replenish their deposits in the casino. The house also returns the favour by providing additional promotions. You may have to typically meet some wagering requirements to access these fresh waves of bonuses equivalent to standard welcomes bonuses.

  • Provably Fair Games

Crypto casinos in India will not have an easy way of duping its customers. You can check out whether a crypto casino is worth its salt by a very simple process. An Indian crypto casino will carry out a cryptographic hash on a shuffled deck of cards for an encrypted result. The server uses this hash.

Next, contact the casino via message by sending them a seed that contains data about the deck changes you made. When a card is dealt, you place a bet. You can verify whether the server seed matches the game results when the server seed undergoes decrypting after the bet has been paid out. There are several ways to prove conclusively that the casino did not exploit its deck in your favour after placing the wager.

Are Crypto Casinos the Future of Gambling?

With excellent and attractive incentives and layers of security, there is no doubt why Indians are turning to crypto and Bitcoin betting establishments. It is hard to say if casinos may not be the sole destination of other types of casinos on account of ambiguous laws under various jurisdictions. However, the future is rife with the expansion of cryptocurrency and casinos that employ this payment method.