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Kyle Jones strives to help his clients navigate through tough legal battles, weather its dealing with Lease Agreements, Auto Repair, Employment contracts, or Domestic Violence transitioning. Many citizens in small claims court are not allowed to have legal counsel under $15,000, and some cant afford Legal counsel and court fees. Kyle Jones is an affordable lawyers. For smaller cases, the service is as low as $200. For larger cases it can range from $200-$900.

If you are a Landlord or tenant dealing with a situation that entails a Lease agreement, please email me the details at [email protected]

Auto Repair

If you have purchased a car and the car has defects, the auto repair company or dealership giving you problems etc. please email me the full details of your case [email protected]

Domestic Violence

If you are dealing with a domestic violence situation where you are either avoiding or dealing with homelessness, please email me the full etails of your case [email protected]

About legal Aid

There are legal aid services( also called legal services) throughout the United States. Legal aid services are not- for- profit agencies that give free legal help to people who can not go to hire a counsel. While numerous legal aid services only help people with veritably low inflows, some services have further flexible income rules. Numerous legal aid services also offer tone- help coffers that can help you get started.

Legal aid generally handles cases involving Domestic violence – if your mate is abusing you, legal aid can help you gain a defensive order, a child guardianship order and divorce. Family law – if you have a child guardianship or divorce case, legal aid may be suitable to help. Call your original legal aid office or ask the Judge in your case to appoint a legal aid counsel to represent you in court. Casing – if you’re being evicted from your home or if your house is in foreclosure, legal aid may be suitable to help.

Public benefits – if you have a problem with weal, Food prints, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income( SSI), or Social Security, legal aid may be suitable to help. numerous legal aid services may be suitable to handle other problems including immigration, consumer, and disability issues. Some legal aid services concentrate on one area of law, similar as disability law, or casing law. Some legal aid services get funding from the government and that may limit the kind of cases they can take. To find a legal aid office near you Go to g and to find out who in your state may be suitable to help with your legal problem. constantly Ask

If you’re a victim of a violent crime or domestic violence, legal aid can help you in any case that helps cover you from the domestic violence or abuse indeed if you don’t have legal immigration status. However, legal aid may also file an immigration operation on your behalf, If you’re a victim of domestic violence. Some legal aid services specialize in a wide range of immigration law issues. Go to for information about the rules for the legal aid services in your area. Visit LawHelp’s Immigration Legal Help portal for legal help coffers available to all emigrants, anyhow of your status.

Are there cases that legal aid doesn’t handle?

Civil legal aid doesn’t handle cases for plutocrat damages similar as medical malpractice, or auto accident cases or business violation cases or felonious cases.( For the difference between civil and felonious issues, see The Differences between Criminal Court and Civil Court).

What can I anticipate from a legal aid counsel?

Legal aid attorneys have the same qualifications as other attorneys. Everything you say to your counsel is nonpublic, which means that it isn’t participated with anyone outside of the legal aid office. Since everything you say to your counsel is nonpublic, tell your counsel the verity. Your counsel can help you best when you tell your counsel the verity.

I don’t qualify for legal aid. How can I find a private counsel?

Your original bar association, which is an association for attorneys. You can call your original bar association’s counsel referral service to find a certified, private counsel who has experience with your type of legal problem and will meet with you for a reduced figure. The counsel will meet with you for 30 twinkles about your case for a figure of lower than$ 50. It’s veritably important to precisely review the figure agreement before you hire the counsel to start working on your case. occasionally there’s no figure for medical malpractice, auto accident or worker’s compensation cases because the counsel will only get paid if you win your case. You can also ask your original bar association if they’ve any of the following free services for people demanding legal help a levy counsel design a pro bono design( another word for levy counsel design) a free legal factory a tone- help clinic To communicate the bar association in your area and find other counsel referral services, visit the ABA’s Find Legal Help coffers. Where differently can I go for help? The ABA’s Free Legal Answers program is an online pro bono program that matches low- income guests with levy attorneys, who agree to give brief answers online for free. Some state court systems give tone- help centers for people representing themselves in court without a counsel. tone- help centers offer free services similar as shops, instructional accoutrements , court forms and help completing forms. Visit your state court’s website or communicate your original legal aid program to see if tone- help services are available in your area. Your original law academy may have free legal conventions where law scholars give free legal help and are supervised by law professors. Your original Area Agency on Aging helps seniors, 60 times old or over, with numerous types of problems. Your original Area Agency on Aging may also give free or low- cost legal help. To find your original Area Agency on Aging, visit the AOA’s provides referrals and helpful legal tools created for specifically for stagers, service members, and their families, For further Information Looking for further information on this content? and elect your state to find other tone- help coffers and information about free and low- cost legal aid providers in your area. About this companion This companion is maintained by Pro Bono Net, and was developed in collaboration with the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York in cooperation with the New York LawHelp Consortium.