Can I Rent an Office Without a Business?

If you do not have a business yet, you can rent an office from a friend who already owns a business. However, you may have to pay a portion of the office’s costs and you may need to get to know the owner before subletting the space. Alternatively, you can approach large companies in your industry and ask for their office space. You may have to pay a small commission to the business owner, but you can usually get a cheap office with a great location.

Before you apply for a lease, it is important to gather all your financial records. Ideally, you should have documents for two to three years of business. For a startup business, this may not be possible, but organizing your records can help you prove that you have the financial strength to pay the monthly rent. In addition, potential landlords look at business and personal credit scores when evaluating your application for a lease. You must be aware that hard inquiries on your personal and business credit scores can negatively affect your credit score.