Chiropractor Vs Physical Therapist For Back Pain

If you’re experiencing back pain, your doctor may suggest seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist. However, what are the differences between the two types of doctors? In general, chiropractors specialize in treating specific parts of the body, while physical therapists work to treat the underlying issue. In addition, physical therapy is more likely to be covered by insurance. You may want to consider visiting a physical therapist if you’re experiencing pain in the back that’s preventing you from performing your daily activities.

Chiropractors are trained to manipulate muscles and bones, while physical therapists use various techniques, such as ultrasound and ice. They can also work with patients to create customized programs based on their specific needs. Physical therapists are also trained in post-surgical rehabilitation, which is essential when someone has had surgery.

One recent study examined the relative cost effectiveness of chiropractic and physical therapy for back pain. The researchers examined data on 714 patients who met the initial inclusion and exclusion criteria. Some patients were excluded because they had severe concurrent conditions, or because they visited practitioners other than primary care physicians. However, 493 subjects consented to participate and 323 subjects remained eligible for follow-up care. The study’s methodology used a decision tree analytic model to estimate costs and benefits.

The study found that both physical therapy and chiropractic treatment reduced the occurrence of back pain. This was attributed to a better patient satisfaction among chiropractors and physical therapists. The study found that the results of chiropractic and physical therapy were similar when compared to a control group.