Common defenses against domestic violence charges in NJ

If you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence by your spouse or partner, you should step in and do everything to protect your rights. Regardless of whether you actually committed the crime, you have the right to defend yourself and have legal counsel. Check the website of any popular law firm in the state that deals with domestic violence cases, and you can get a consultation without paying a massive amount. In this post, we are discussing the common defenses that attorneys use in such cases. 

  1. False accusation: Your criminal lawyer can argue that the accused has no evidence for the allegations. They may also show that the available evidence is not credible and that there are loopholes in the statement. It often happens that people press domestic violence accusations against their partner but have different versions of the story, which can be contradictory. 
  2. Self-defense: Your lawyer can argue that the physical contact for which the other party has accused you of domestic violence happened in an act of self-defense. For example, when there were witnesses who can say that you were being threatened or physically harassed before you reacted, that could be your defense. 
  3. There was no intent: If you didn’t harm or do damage to the victim on purpose, that could be a point to present. For example, if you bumped into your spouse but they filed a case of domestic violence due to stalking, they may not have a cause. 
  4. Exaggeration: It is common for victims to overstate something and tell stories that are entirely different from what actually happened. If you have evidence of what happened and can show that your partner or spouse exaggerated their version of the story, you may get a positive outcome. 
  5. Alibi: Your lawyer can also present evidence and witnesses to show that you were not present or didn’t do what’s accused by the victim because you were somewhere else; your alibi could be enough. For example, if your spouse says that you were following them to the supermarket but you have air tickets to prove that you were traveling on those days, that’s your alibi. 
  6. Illegal evidence: If the other party or their attorney obtained evidence illegally from sources, you can file a motion with the help of your attorney to say that it was a violation of your rights. At times, even the arresting officer could have missed procedures. 

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