Establishing Damages In Bicycle Accident Cases 

You may be able to sue that person for damages if you suffer injuries in a bicycle accident as a result of their negligence. Special or economic damages and general or non-economic damages are the two types of damages that can be claimed in a personal injury case. Special damages cover expenses incurred as a result of the injuries, such as medical bills and lost wages. Intangible injuries like mental anguish and emotional suffering are covered under general damages. 

Punitive damages may also be granted in circumstances of unacceptable carelessness or malicious harm. No matter their age, cyclists who suffer injuries or family members who pass away as a result of someone else’s negligence may initiate a lawsuit. Rarely, people hurt by bikers may also bring a claim if fault is established with the help of a lawyer nearby

What steps should be taken after an accident? 

Think about your wounds and bicycle accident injuries. Get medical help as soon as possible, taking note of your injuries and property damage. Collect police reports, witness statements, visual evidence, and surveillance footage to support your case. 

Once you have completed your research, moved, and selected the best attorney with experience in bicycle accidents, you can choose a knowledgeable attorney. Working with an insurance company can provide you with legal assistance and reassurance. 

Who can be sued for damages? 

This document explains who can be liable for a bicycle accident resulting in injury or death. Drivers who are reckless and injure others can be held accountable. If an accident occurs as a result of the improper design or manufacture of a vehicle, bicycle, tire, or helmet, the manufacturer, supplier, or seller may be held liable.

A bike shop may have a casual repair and maintenance offer. Public entities can be held liable if dangerous conditions on public property, such as a lack of bike lanes, caused the accident If property management failure contributes to the accident, liability may also be imposed on private property owners.

How Do I Get The Maximum Amount Of Compensation?

After a bicycle accident, you may have to miss work and claim lost time as “lost wages.” You will need payslips, tax records, and employment documents to replace lost wages. If your injuries from the accident impair your ability to work, you can file a “loss of earning capacity claim.” You can also get reimbursement for the repair or replacement of your bike. 

Non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, are more difficult to quantify and may require the assistance of an experienced attorney. In wrongful death cases, individual family members may seek compensation for their deceased loved one instead. Punitive damages may be awarded if the wrongdoer’s malicious or willful actions.