Factors That Determine the Price of a Commercial Juice Dispenser

A juice dispenser is an appliance used to serve drinks in bars, restaurants, and hotels. It is used to keep drinks and fruits fresh.

This article looks at what determines the types of commercial juice dispensers in the market and what to consider when choosing a dispenser.

If you are looking for a juice dispenser for your business establishment, you will require one that will serve the purpose and last longer to get value for your money. They come in different types, and the requirement or demands of your customers will determine the price of the juice dispenser you buy. Juice is served in many hotels and food joints as a preferred healthy drink.

Immersion Juice Dispensers

There are immersion juice dispensers. They have counter-low and immersion chillers and can cool drinks better than ice cubes. These are affordable and suitable for establishments that serve many customers. They are hygienic as the juice is tapped from below, and no wastage is incurred as you can tap to the last drop.

Single-tank Juice Dispensers

Single-tank juice dispenser is also in the market. Though small in size, they are suitable for small establishments. They can blend small amounts of fruits and vegetables for you. Single-serve blenders are good for making smoothies. They can also make cocktail juice tailored to a customer’s needs.

Multi-tank Juice Dispenser

A multi-tank juice dispenser is ideal for a business with many juice flavors. The different tanks can hold as many as six flavors. They also form a colorful display. The price will depend on the number of tanks per the business requirements. They are costlier and come in many designs and sizes. It is better to spend more to get a commercial juice dispenser that suits you than to pay less and end with one that cannot serve the purpose.

Specialty Juice Dispenser

We also have specialty juice dispensers which are ideal for those who make the juice a lot. They carry out a lot of tasks, from blending to chopping to making soup, pureeing, and emulsifying. They cost more, so they are worth investing in, where there is a lot of activity in the kitchen, like in a busy hotel.

Frozen Drink Makers

For the lovers of frozen drinks, there are frozen drink makers. They can mix fruit juices for guests at a party and are specifically designed for this purpose. The dispensers are for single and can be used for serving juice at children’s parties. They come in different designs and can be either single serving preparation or multiple.

Blender Bottles

We have blender bottles that are popular among gym goers who prefer to make their drinks. They are made of a plastic cup and a tight lid with a preinstalled blender ball inside. They are available in different models. There are those you shake manually, electric-operated and portable, and rechargeable. The manual ones are more affordable.


Whatever your budget, the juice dispenser prices vary, and you can get a high-quality dispenser to serve you for a long time. The juice dispensers are convenient when serving drinks for many people, whether at a party or in a business. They are also hygienic and keep the place clean. They are a worthwhile investment for your business.