FIFA 23: Prime Icons

We are all astonished to see a loading screen showing Prime Icon cards as the Winter Wildcards Campaign is in fully swing too! Icons for the new campaigns are still available, including the Qatar-themed World Cup icons, but they will likely disappear from packs once the Prime edition are released.

The loading screen shows Prime cards of some brilliant players and we want all 100 icons to be featured in the set. As the loading screen confirms, Prime Icons will arrive in packs on Thursday, December 22nd. They will join World Cup Tournament Team cards for 24 hours, after which they will be replaced by Winter Wild Card items.

What are Prime Icons?

Icon cards are among the greatest in FIFA Ultimate Team and are awarded to selected icons of FIFA 23 who have already removed. Each badge has three major card forms. The base badge has the lowest rating of all, with ratings boosting in the Mid and Prime variants.

In past games, we had Prime Icon Moments cards, which were best Icon cards you can ever grab. But this season EA has brought us a new type of Campaign Icon. They will be released at different stages of the FUT cycle and will collide with the promos of the time, as we saw with the World Cup Icons.

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