FUN WITH KIDS IN LA: An Ultimate Guide for Creating Magical Family Memories!  

FUN WITH KIDS IN LA® is proud to celebrate its 5th anniversary as a one-stop destination for parents and caregivers seeking ideas and information for their families. Founded by Angela M. Cantoni, the website has become a trusted destination for parents in Los Angeles and beyond, offering a variety of features to inspire and empower them.

If you are looking for fun things to do with your kids on the weekends, or any day of the week, FUN WITH KIDS IN LA® comes to the rescue! But it doesn’t stop there! FUN WITH KIDS IN LA® will help you find summer camps, classes, birthday party venues, entertainers, and more!  You can even count on FUN WITH KIDS IN LA® if you are looking for travel ideas, looking for a family-friendly restaurant, and even parenting tips.

As a mother of an only child, founder Angela Cantoni understands firsthand the joys and heartbreaks of parenthood. After experiencing multiple miscarriages, she found solace in her love for her son and her passion for exploring the city with him. Together, they discovered the best places to go and things to do in Los Angeles. Angela started blogging about their experiences and quickly realized that many other parents were seeking the same information. This inspired her to create FUN WITH KIDS IN LA®, a comprehensive resource that offers a wealth of ideas and experiences for families.

Through her personal experience and passion for creating magical childhood memories, Angela has built a trusted community of parents who share the same goal – to make the most of their time with their children and create lasting memories. Today, as FUN WITH KIDS IN LA® celebrates its 5th anniversary, it has grown into a go-to resource for parents seeking innovative ideas and new experiences for their children.

The website is now reaching more than 160,000 monthly visitors, has 100,000+ social media followers, and 22,000+ email subscribers. It remains committed to providing parents with innovative and inspiring resources to help them create magical childhood experiences for their families.

FUN WITH KIDS IN LA® offers a unique experience for parents looking to create magical childhood memories for their children. To make your magical moments, go to

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