Gambling Advertising Ban for Australian Operators in New South Wales

Online gambling doesn’t stand still in Australia. New regulations aim to address the current issues and make online experiences seamless. One of the hottest recent amendments is the gambling advertising ban in New South Wales. Operators were given time and opportunities to adapt to the new situation in the industry. Let’s see how it affects online casinos in Australia.

Concept of the Gambling Advertising Ban

The ban on gambling advertising in Australia has been implemented in a few provinces, including New South Wales. Casino gambling has been regulated since 1986. Since then, the province has undergone several transformations to the gambling law . The Betting and Racing Act (1998) and the 1997’s Totalizator Act determined the direction of gaming and betting activities.

One of the latest regulation amendments was forbidding donations towards politicians from gambling operators. The advertisement exterior gambling-associated signage marked this. The upcoming ban in New South Wales is managed by Liquor and Gaming NSW.

All entertainment resources must obey the restriction of signs on gambling before 2023. Any form of AU online casino promotion has to be eliminated or amended drastically. The government implemented a series of procedures to make the transition as convenient as possible.

Reasons for the Gambling Advertising Ban in Australia

The idea to restrict gambling marketing in Australia comes after thorough consideration. New South Wales government tries to manage problem gambling and all the related effects. What were the main reasons?

  • The first reason aims to build appealing architecture and eliminate gambling signage over facades and windows catering to gambling services. This will allow operators to catch players’ attention in different ways.
  • The second reason aims to prevent underage betting and gaming addiction. In this case, the local laws follow the logic that the problem must be eliminated from the public view. By removing the excessive marketing, the intention to play will also fade away.
  • The last reason aims to remove false promises of guaranteed winnings. Those are mainly promoted or indirectly encouraged with exclusivity indicators.

Consequences of the Gambling Advertising Ban in Australia

Gambling brands observe and question the changes. They are directly influenced by new legalisation. The NSW gambling policies apply to land-based operators. Every establishment with a gambling certification from NSW has to eliminate the external marketing concept:

  • high-class gaming space (e.g. VIP and Exclusive Room);
  • information about large rewards and bonuses;
  • images indicating treasures and particular profits (e.g. coins and flashes of lightning);
  • images of pokies and betting activities, etc.

Public Reaction to the Government’s Decision

The ban on gambling advertising in Australian online casinos  doesn’t affect players straight away. Gamblers can play as much as they like as before. However, individuals will have less encouragement to try this form of entertainment. Those who decide to play slot machines and join poker rooms will make their decision based on personal intention rather than outer push.

The situation in the gambling legislation in New South Wales takes some time to adjustment. So operators could build a foundation for continuous functioning without marketing campaigns. In the long-term perspective, it will most likely show positive trends.