How Much is a Cuban Link Chain With Diamonds?

When choosing a Cuban link chain, it’s important to consider the metal. 18K gold is 75% pure gold, compared to 14K, which is 58.3% pure gold. A solid gold chain will last longer and will retain its value better. However, if you’re on a budget, sterling silver chains can be a great option as well.

Cuban link chains come in different styles. There are iced-out ones, which are for big pieces of bling. You can also choose a tighter flat link design known as a Miami Cuban link chain. Cuban link chains can be worn individually or in multiples and can be choker style. Before buying a chain, consider the price, the width, the metal, and the clarity of the gemstones.

Another type of Cuban link chain is the diamond prong chain, which is popular among hip hop fans. It has less prongs and a double buckle clasp for better stability and ease of use. It also features the best clarity diamonds and a premium price because the stones are designed to shine from every angle.