How Often Should You Change Your Smoke Alarm?

Are you considering installing a smoke alarm in your home or replacing an existing one? For Canadian households, protecting your family when it comes to fire safety is essential and that’s why ensuring the reliability of your smoke alarm is so important. But how often do we need to change smoke alarms? Knowing when the best time for a replacement is can save lives and protect homes from fires. In this blog post, we’ll explore when it is necessary to change your smoke alarm. Keep reading!

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7 Situation When Should You Change Your Smoke Alarm

The following seven situations indicate that it is time to consider replacing your smoke alarm:

1. When It’s Reached Its Life Expectancy

In Canada, most smoke alarms have an average life expectancy of 10 years. If you’re not sure how long your smoke alarm has been in use, you can always refer to the date of manufacture that is printed on the back or side of the device.

2. When It’s Not Working

If your smoke alarm is not working correctly, it’s time to replace it. When tested, this may be evidenced by a chirping sound or if it does not sense smoke. If either of these occurs, you should immediately replace your smoke alarm.

3. When You Move Into A New Home

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, it is always best to replace all the smoke alarms in your house. This ensures that they are up-to-date and still functioning properly. For example, you should replace all hard-wired smoke alarms even if they appear to be in working condition.

4. When It’s Damaged Or Has Visible Signs Of Wear And Tear

If your smoke alarm is damaged or has visible signs of wear and tear, you should replace it immediately.

5. When It’s Over 10 Years Old

Even if the smoke alarm is still working, it’s best to replace it once it has reached over 10 years old as its effectiveness may have diminished.

6. When You Notice A Change In The Alarm Volume

If you notice the alarm volume has changed, it may indicate that the smoke alarm is not working properly and should be replaced. For example, if the volume has increased or decreased significantly.

7. After An Electrical Storm

After an electrical storm, it’s worth checking your smoke alarm to make sure no damage was caused and that it is still functioning correctly. If any damage has occurred, you should replace it immediately.

To conclude, having a properly functioning smoke alarm in your home can save lives in a fire. That’s why it’s important to know when the best time for a replacement. As we have seen, seven situations indicate when it’s time to replace your smoke alarm. If any of these occur or if your smoke alarm has reached over 10 years old, you should replace it immediately. Doing so will save lives and protect homes from fire hazards.

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