How to Find the Right Illustrator?

An illustrator is one of such professionals who can play a significant role in ensuring the success of your book. Every author wants to find an ideal match by getting in touch with an illustrator who understands their needs and has the right skills.

If you are struggling to find the right illustrator for your needs, here are some hints to foster.

Decide on a Budget

Before you start thinking about how talented your illustrator must be and what services they should be able to offer, you must take a moment to consider your budget. The costs of hiring an illustrator can differ on several bases. Many authors look for the best options among freelance book illustrators to explore the best options for the best prices. It can set you free from the boundaries and secure the best option. Even if you are just asking different illustrators for quotes, having an estimate of your budget in your mind can help you stay closest to the most relevant options by saving you time and money.

Look for Experience

You do not want to entrust someone with your work if they do not have any experience, especially if you are new to the industry. A professional’s experience shows that they are responsible individuals who have also ensured client satisfaction in the past. It is always a good idea to ask your potential book illustrator to tell you about their experiences and expertise. You can also ask them to share their recent projects to see if their style is well-suited to how you imagine your book illustrations to look. Yes, it can cost more to hire the services of someone with industry experience, but many would consider it worth the peace of mind. Of course, every penny can seem worth it when you enjoy the peace of mind.

Reach Out to Previous Clients

If you feel satisfied with the samples shown by an artist, do not jump right into welcoming them on board. Working with a freelance illustrator is not as simple as giving instructions and enjoying the results. There is a lot more that determines your experience.  There is a chance that the aspiring illustrator is great with their illustrations but has no regard for the deadline. Or, they may be bad at communication. You must check all the boxes before making a final call. While it would be right for you to take their word for it or to assume the worst, you can get in touch with their previous clients to inquire about their experiences. Things you learn from their past clients can help you make your decision with confidence.

Remain Flexible

Finding the ideal match for your desired illustrator can be a bigger challenge than you may think. You cannot expect to find everything you desire. It is important to be flexible and willing to negotiate a bit to find the right match. Most of the illustrators in the field understand the importance of flexibility as well. They want to stay ahead of their competitors and know that being flexible is one of the qualities that will do so. Flexibility from both sides can help you get in touch with more illustrators. You can discuss your terms and conditions to find a middle ground that satisfies both ends.

Ask for a Character Sketch

Many illustrators out there are willing to draw samples for free or may charge some amount for it. In either case, asking your illustrator for a character sketch is completely worth it to see if pursuing your journey ahead with them is worth it or not.

Having the illustrator sketch a main character for you will give you an idea about them being the right choice for you. Seeing one character as an illustration is enough for you to see how things will turn out for the rest and if it is worth further time, resources, and energy.

Keep an Open Mind

You have to be very open-minded while working with any creative individual in your field. A rigid mindset will close you off to creativity and also limit the potential of the illustrator. In general, your rigidity can greatly affect your work. On the contrary, keeping an open mind can make wonderful things happen. Not only will you have more out-of-the-box ideas for your project, but you will also become more open to suggestions and those of your illustrators. You can expect great things to happen when you and a creative illustrator come together to create a masterpiece.

Be a Team

You and the illustrator must become more than paying the artist for their skills. Instead of thinking of an illustrator just as another resource, consider them a reliable and talented partner who can help you achieve success with their efforts. For the completion of the book, teamwork, and mutual respect are necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.