How To Maintain Your Air Track Mat

An air track mat is inflatable portable gymnastics tumbling mat designed for gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other athletes to practice and perfect their skills on. Air track mats use an inflatable cushion of air, making them softer and safer than traditional mats. They often come in different lengths and shapes to accommodate different levels of skill and skill sets.

How to maintain your Inflatable Air Track

  1. Cleaning the Surface:

The first step in maintaining an air track mat is cleaning its surface. Before every use, it is essential to use a soft cloth to wipe away any debris and bacteria which may have accumulated on the surface during storage. This will help maintain the mat’s condition and extend its lifespan.

  1. Checking for Leaks:

The second step in maintaining an air track mat is checking for leaks. If you find any issues with the air tracks, you can use a simple patch kit to repair them. If the patches fail to work, it is best to replace the entire mat as it can be very dangerous to use a mat with a compromised seal.

  1. Inflating the Air Track:

The third step in maintaining an air track mat is ensuring that it is correctly inflated at all times. This can be done by using a bicycle pump or an air compressor. Over-inflating the mat can cause it to become damaged, while under-inflating the mat can lead to instability while performing your activities.

  1. Storing the Mat Properly:

The fourth step in maintaining an air track mat is proper storage. Make sure to store the mat in a cool, dry place when it is not in use. Storing the mat in a place exposed to direct sunlight can cause it to degrade and become brittle, greatly reducing its lifespan.

  1. General Maintenance Tips:

Finally, it’s important to ensure that you inspect and clean the mat regularly. This will help maintain its condition over time and ensure its safety. Additionally, it is important to regularly re-inflate the mat, as this can help maintain its condition and ensure that it is not worn out when it comes to using it.

How to select the right Air Track Mat

If you’re looking to purchase an air track mat, there are a few factors to consider that will help you choose the right one. First, consider the size of the mat and where you’ll be using it. For example, smaller air track mats are optimal for limited spaces or for beginners looking to perform basic exercises.

On the other hand, larger air track mats can provide more surface area for intermediate to advanced users as well as space for multiple individuals. Next, consider the material of the mat.

Typically, air track mats are made of PVC, tarpaulin, or foam. PVC is the most durable and ideal for intensive use while foam mats can provide more cushioning and comfort. Lastly, factors like portability and setup time should also be taken into account. Make sure to select an air track mat that can easily be transported and that only takes minutes to set up.

Why Buy Air Track Mat

Air track mats can help athletes, gymnasts, and trainers work out safely and with better control. They are non-slip, close to the ground, and provide a safe surface for explosive movement. Many come with stoppers on the sides to help prevent potential injury. Air track mats can make stretching, warm-up drills, tumbling, and dynamic movements easier and safer. Those using them may also experience better performance with their increased stability.


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