Is an Executive MBA degree important to accelerate your career growth?

In today’s constantly changing world, professionals are increasingly looking for an Executive MBA Degree to stay ahead of their competitors.

But have you ever wondered whether an executive Mba is important to accelerate your career growth? Let’s take a look at this.

In this blog we will go through the journey of the importance of the MBA for working professionals in India to accelerate your career growth.

Read below to know more in simple words.


●      Executive Mba Degree: An Overview

●      How does an Executive Mba Degree accelerate your career?

●      Conclusion

●      FAQs


Executive Mba Degree: An Overview

First,let’s understand what an Executive MBA is and its overview. An executive MBA is like an MBA for working professionals in India.

However, an Executive MBA is of short duration and often conducted in part-time mode.Executive MBA is designed for working professionals with an acceptable amount of work experience that can enhance their career prospects.

Here is the quick overview of the Executive MBA Program:

Particulars Details
Course Name Executive MBA
Level Post Graduation
Suitability Working Professionals
Eligibility The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an Executive MBA program at top university in Mumbai or other states is as follow:


●      A Candidate must have completed bachelor’s with at least a minimum of 50% aggregate score from a recognized board or equivalent.

●      Compulsory 2 to 5 years of professional work experience.

Top Recruiters Accenture, Cognizant, Reliance, KPMG, Airtel, HDFC, ICICI, etc.

How does an Executive Mba Degree accelerate your Career

Fortunately! We are now going to explore how does pursuing an Executive MBA for working professionals in India can benefit you in several ways as follows:

  • Advancement in Career: Progressing in professional journey with the best Executive MBA programs is made easy as it is designed for working professionals who are already ahead in their careers, providing them with advanced knowledge and skills to advance in their current roles in the corporate world.
  • Leadership: An Executive MBA at a leading university in Maharashtra puts more emphasis on developing leadership skills and professional development of candidates, it helps you become a better leader in the workplace and in other areas of life. During the program, individuals get one-on-one personalized guidance and sessions, to conduct a professional assessment and offer specific feedback to guide them where to improve their skills and communication.
  • Personal development: Executive MBA Programs are designed in a way that allows individuals to develop personally and professionally through making connections with fellow students and participating in extracurricular activities such as conducting seminars, workshops, and other activities, which not only help you develop professionally but also on a personal level.The program include personalized sessions which allow students to evolve and make a change wherever it is required without a fear of being judges.
  • Career Continuity: As there is no need to compromise your career to continue with your study, these programs are designed to provide you with the flexibility which conducts classes around weekends, in a month to allow candidates manage their work around their personal lives. Many individuals preferred taking classes in the evening shift after their job, which again is a very excellent opportunity to consider and keep in mine when applying for MBA programs.
  • Networking Options: Executive MBA for working professionals in India is becoming increasingly popular as it allows professionals to enhance their networking by connecting with classmates and alumni, who come from different educational backgrounds and professional experiences. When you pursue an Executive MBA, you are not just getting the degree, but you’re also getting instant connections for your entire life that you could even work with or help them in career opportunities.
  • Increased Salary: Another and most exciting part of pursuing an executive MBA is the salary hike and promotion that it offers to professionals within the company or other organizations. Additionally, you can take up higher positions within your company which provides you with more stability and salary satisfaction.
  • Different Perspective: After all, pursuing an Executive MBA for working professionals, means you opt for the chance to strengthen your skills and knowledge at both national and international level, which helps you build a different perspective. Executive MBA programs also offer trips, or sessions to different countries which help you get exposure which is crucial for your job roles or entrepreneurial development. Although the program is being taught in English, participants from different backgrounds feel welcomed.
  • Flexibility: Increasing demands of executive MBA among professionals is also due to the flexibility that it offers to the individuals. This includes opportunities for weekend classes, evening sessions, and online classes, giving a convenient method to manage a busy lifestyle.
  • Earlier Implementation: After completing your executive MBA programs, you are ready for your professional career and apply what you have learned in the workplace. You can also enhance your experiences by communicating with your fellow employees, helping each other grow in the best way possible for your future career.


With an executive MBA degree you can explore many career opportunities across the globe. It can be your stepping stone in the world of business and management skills that not only provides you a high salary package but also the opportunity to network with like minded people and contribute to the business world. It can be helpful in providing you with the opportunity to innovate and be on an entrepreneurial journey.


  • Is it worth doing an executive MBA?

Yes, it is definitely worth it to pursue an executive MBA if you have a considerable amount of work experience, and want to advance your career and develop personally and professionally.

  • What is the salary growth after executive MBA?

The salary growth after an executive MBA is another very exciting part that attracts individuals to pursue this program. Generally, the salary after completion of the executive program ranges from INR 3 to 28 lakhs per annum.

  • Should you consider doing an EMBA?

If you want to go on to higher positions or leadership roles, and advance your career and professional and personal goals, then you must consider doing an EMBA.

  • Does executive MBA help in career growth?

With an executive MBA degree, one can surely have a wide array of opportunities and they can get better job prospects as there is a growing demand for individuals from top-notch companies.