Key Components of Petrol Water Pumps

A petrol water pump is a water pump that has a combustion engine turning the blade instead of using an electric-powered motor. Two types of combustion engines are; petrol and diesel, but we will focus only on the petrol combustion engine in this article.

Most petrol water pumps tend to be centrifugal since the combustion of petrol does not produce a good torque.

In the most basic feature and most standard form, a petrol water pump should have the following:

  • A pulley (the hub) acts as a torque conduit. It, therefore, is responsible for transferring the torque produced by the engine to the spindle bearing.
  • A spindle bearing; can be considered a key component of reducing the friction in the impeller. To some extent, it can even be considered as a conduit of the torque from the pulley to the impeller.
  • The body; it can be said that it just houses the water being pumped and also house the impeller
  • The seal, as the name suggests, is just a component that seals the water inside the body since the water is usually pumped at very high pressure.
  • The impeller; is a rotor used to create the pressure needed to pump the water by rotating, equating to the torque generated by the combustion engine.
  • The hose power generally means the amount of torque the combustion engine can generate in a unit period. Hence, it should come as simple logic that the more the hose power, the more efficient the pump. And a simple logic dictates, the better the product, the higher, the more money to cough out.
  • The materials; most petrol water pumps are preferred because their mobility is better than diesel-driven water pumps, which are very humongous.
  • The vertical suction lift height, the height to which the water pump can suck water, is a very key component that is used in the pricing of water pumps since, despite having the same horsepower, the design may allow a particular pump to have a greater suction height compared to another.
  • The maximum head lift is also a key factor in determining the petrol water pump prices in Kenya.
  • The GPM discharge quantity is a very key quality in the pricing since you would not want to pay huge sums only for you to get just a drop in an entire minute.
  • Petrol consumption rate; this factor is, however, measured against the GPM discharge to make it fool-proof. Like in cars, a lower petrol consumption rate with a high GPM discharge quantity means the engine is a high grade.


In summary, petrol water pump prices are dependent on many factors. It is advisable to familiarize oneself with these factors to make an informed decision. Conducting further research is necessary so that to you can select a petrol water pump that will serve you for a lengthy period.

As a result, it is advisable to always buy from a reputable supplier. Check also diesel water pumps.