Most Up-to-date Car History Check Services

Modern conditions of the automobile market are such that checking the history of the car before purchase has become mandatory. This in turn has contributed to the popularization of car check services, the emergence and development of online services that perform history check by VIN code of the car. In this article we have collected 5 best verification services.

Why check the history of a car

There can be various reasons for checking a car before buying it:

  • to compare prices on the market – to understand how much the cost of the car is objective, corresponds to the real condition, characteristics and is at the same level with similar offers on the market;
  • to check the data on the country of manufacture and equipment of the car;
  • to make sure that there are no restrictions, encumbrances for the purchase of the vehicle, for example, if the car is mortgaged, stolen, scrapped, etc.;
  • to check the mileage and age of the vehicle;
  • to find out the details of operation, maintenance and to assess the condition of the car;
  • to check for involvement in accidents where the car may have sustained serious damage.

The inspection will help to find out if the car has been recalled by the manufacturer, if it has been used in a cab service or rental. All this information is extremely useful when buying a used car, as it helps the buyer to avoid money losses, problems during registration, in the process of operation of the newly purchased car. The results of the inspection make it possible to objectively assess the benefits of buying a vehicle.

Top 5 car history check services

The demand for the function of checking a car by VIN code gave impetus to the emergence of numerous online services that are ready to provide such a service for a certain fee. But not all services are reliable and useful.

So that you don’t waste your time and money on useless sites, we have compiled for you a rating of the best auto history checker services:

  2. Carverital.
  3. Carfax.
  4. The
  5. AutoDNA.

To get complete information about a used car in one report quickly, without unnecessary overpayments, use This is a unique certified service that has no analogues yet. It is international, the information on the site is available in different languages. The service cooperates with a reliable information service Windows sticker, collects data from reliable official sources, which makes it possible to provide the client with the most reliable and comprehensive information about the history of cars from different countries and from different continents.

In the report, all information about the car, its equipment, operating history, service history, insurance claims, legal statuses is available. If the car is stolen, if it has been in an accident and even if it has been repaired after an accident – you will find out from the report.


Access to the largest information network, a huge amount of information about the history of millions of cars is offered by the Carvertical check service.

What you’ll learn from the Carvertical report:

  • information on damage, including hidden faults that could cause serious repair problems and jeopardize road safety;
  • facts of falsification of odometer data;
  • photo archives, which will give an idea of the changing condition of the car in the process of operation;
  • data on changes of ownership (frequent resale may indicate the presence of serious problems in the car);
  • theft data based on foreign law enforcement reports.

By checking the history of the car in Carvertical, you can avoid problems with the purchase of registration, and you can refuse to buy a problematic vehicle.


Carfax is the largest, continuously updated database of vehicles registered in the United States. Once you have a vehicle’s VIN number, you can use it to perform a free or paid comprehensive vehicle history check.

The full Carfax inspection report will include data on the vehicle itself, registration and owners, accidents, maintenance, repairs, changes in equipment, customs data (facts of border crossing with mileage recording), statuses and circumstances that create restrictions on the purchase of the vehicle.

Carfax can provide such a large amount of different information in one report thanks to cooperation with different organizations – government agencies, insurance companies, car dealers, repair shops, car auctions and others.

No matter how good a car looks, no matter how much the seller praises it, buying a used car is always a risk for the buyer. At you can quickly and, most importantly, absolutely free to find out the history of the car. The service provides free data from the largest American auto auctions Copart and IAAI, which gives you the opportunity to learn about the car:

  • technical condition at the time of auction;
  • odometer readings;
  • registration (sales) history;
  • damage data.

In addition, in service you can find out for free the price range for used cars of a certain category (taking into account the age, brand, model, existing damage) and compare the cost of the selected lot with the existing real rates.


AutoDNA is a Ukrainian verification service where you can buy a report with full history of a car from the USA and 20 European countries. In this service you have access to the history of more than 500 million used cars from the USA. The verification report contains a lot of useful information:

  • mileage;
  • archival photos;
  • damage data;
  • inspection data.

One of the advantages of the service is the ability to check in your computer, on your tablet or in your smartphone, as well as instantly check your auto history by QR code.