New Casinos in India Review 2023

New online casinos are often questioned by players, who prefer to use the services of the older and more popular casinos. However, this attitude is undeserved, as the new online casinos are just as reliable and often offer better terms and conditions. They offer generous bonuses and easy sign-up procedures to attract more users and build a loyal following. In this review, we will thoroughly analyse the new Indian casinos such as and explain their pros and cons.

What Is a New Online Casino?

New online casinos are gaming platforms that have started their journey relatively recently. For example, an online casino that has only been operating for 1-2 years or less is considered to be new. Such sites can be identified by several attributes such as simple design, lack of a mobile app, relatively small selection of game modes, etc. Many of the newer online casinos in India offer special services to their users, such as Hindi website design, INR deposits and withdrawals, and bonus promotions unique to the region. There are many such sites, but as they are new, they are not very popular. Nevertheless, they are easy to find and available to everyone. Before you decide to play at an online casino, make sure it has a certified gaming license, check the services it provides to see if it offers the game modes you want and read user reviews.

New vs. Established Casinos. What Is the Difference?

Many people think that the new casinos cannot be trusted and that they are in every respect worse than the established casinos, but this is not true. Below is a brief table comparing the new legal online casinos in India with the old ones in terms of the main differences:

Comparison option New Casino Established Casino
Bonus Offers Offer the most generous bonuses and hot promotions to attract an audience; Bonuses are infrequent, timed to coincide with certain events;
Payment methods Work with the most popular payment methods and do not charge additional transaction fees; Additional charges may apply;
Customer service The customer service team is keen to help customers and responds quickly; Due to a large number of users, it is necessary to wait a long time for a response;
Website design For the most part, it is simple and uncomplicated, but is constantly being improved; Well developed design.

How to Find a New Casino?

Unlike the old and popular online casinos, finding new legitimate casinos can be a challenge as you may stumble upon the poor quality and unscrupulous services. Below we have detailed some ways to work out how to find a quality new online casino:

  • The best listings on review portals, like ours. We have specially compiled a selection of the best new casinos in India so that you can find something of your liking by browsing through them. We have selected only the most reliable and high-quality ones;
  • Media. New casinos are often a hit on social media and news sources, and news is spread by word of mouth. There you can also find reviews from users of similar online casinos;
  • Subscribing to the newsletter of established casinos. Established casinos often create their own new or revamped gambling sites and you can read about this by subscribing to their newsletters or going to the appropriate section.

How Do I Start Playing at a New Casino?

Most online casinos require their users to register before they can play on the platform. The registration procedure at new online casinos is often simplified to attract customers, so you can go through it in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps below to start playing at the new online casinos in India:

  1. Choose the best casino. Choose the casino you like best from a list of the best new online casinos in India we have compiled for you;
  2. Create a customer account. Register on the platform of your choice by providing your details;
  3. Make your first deposit. Fund your gaming account, as new online casinos often offer a sign-up bonus to help you get a good start on the platform;
  4. Start your game. Choose the game mode you wish to play. At legal online casinos, you will find many game modes from the best providers.

Trends in New Casinos

There is a whole new casino market with trends that are affecting this market and many providers are following them. Below we describe these trends in detail to make it easier for you to choose a new online casino:

  • Virtual reality live games. Virtual reality lives casino games are gaining popularity. Thanks to the special glasses one can play in the virtual casino, making new acquaintances and getting twice as much pleasure from the gameplay. This mode is being actively implemented by new platforms, one of which is the online live casino.
  • Blockchain gaming. Blockchain-based gaming takes advantage of its power to make casinos better. This technology can provide you with safer, faster and more profitable gambling. Blockchain-based casinos boast better transparency, proven fair gaming and higher returns for their players. They are also becoming increasingly innovative and social.
  • AI support. Using artificial intelligence technology, the new online casinos can track the weather and nature of a customer’s play. It then detects unhealthy patterns and warns the player, for example, about how much money has been lost. And AI-powered chatbots are a relatively new form of automated customer service.
  • Gamification of a player’s casino visit.Casino gaming is an extra dose of gaming opportunities. Gamification is the process of introducing game elements to encourage participation and increase engagement in all activities. It makes everything much more engaging, exciting and easy to understand. 
  • Smartwatch gamification. More and more gambling software companies, as well as betting operators, are creating gambling and betting apps for Apple Watches and other smartwatches running on the iOS operating system for Mac. New online casinos are actively adopting this technology, allowing you to play comfortably anytime, anywhere.

New Casino Payment Methods

To attract an audience and improve the quality of service, new online casinos offer their customers many popular payment methods. You can make a deposit or withdraw your winnings on such platforms using reliable e-wallets, which we will describe below:

  • Skrill. This is one of the most popular and affordable digital wallets that offers you the security and convenience of paying online using only your email address and password. You can deposit and withdraw your funds whenever you need them and use them at your favourite online casino.
  • Neteller. Despite the popularity of money transfer services, Neteller also allows customers to make payments online. You simply have to choose it as a payment method at an online casino. This e-wallet is deservedly one of the most reliable and convenient, which is why it has gained popularity.
  • PayPal. This is an online payment platform that can be used to make deposits or withdrawals quickly and conveniently at almost all modern online casinos. PayPal is widely regarded as a very secure method of sending online payments and is therefore very popular among players all over the world.

What to Watch When Choosing New Casinos?

When choosing the best new online casino, you should carefully look at the availability of certain facilities that will indicate the quality of that platform. Below we describe some of them in detail:

Quality Optimization for Mobile Devices

Therefore, the first thing to consider when choosing the best new online casino is that it is optimized for mobile devices. This is necessary for your convenience if you want to play away from home on your mobile device. An online casino website should be adaptable to the screen of any mobile device.

Safety First

Player safety is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a gambling platform. Pay attention to whether the online casino is licensed, what system it uses to protect user data, what system its games are based on and the availability of support services. 

Real Casino Reviews

Pay attention to online reviews from other users of your chosen online casino, they can tell you a lot. However, you should be careful because many people write negative reviews after losing money or losing it by mistake. Use our list of the best new online casinos in India to speed up your search.

Generous Bonuses and Hot Promotions

Visit the bonuses and promotions section of your chosen online casino to evaluate their offers. If the platform offers nothing more than an initial or cashback bonus, you may want to keep looking. A worthy candidate will also have weekly promotions and bonuses related to game modes.

Casino Games From the Most Reputable Providers

Working with reputable gaming providers guarantees you a quality and reliable gaming experience. Such providers have earned their reputation by using a transparent RNG system that makes all players equal before they win. If the online casino you choose does not have games from such providers, we recommend you not to play at it.

A Wide Range of Payment Options

Having a wide choice of payment methods is a good sign when choosing the best new online casino. You should also pay attention to whether the platform has additional transaction fees. A description of the most popular payment methods you should look for is above in our review.

The Best New Online Casinos in India

Now that you know what to look out for when choosing a gambling site, having analysed the current market and sifted through our criteria, we present below some of the best new online casinos.

JeetPlay Casino

This online casino is one of the best combinations of quality, convenience and security in our opinion. JeetPlay offers its users lots of bonuses, a wide choice of payment methods, and games from the best providers.

LineBet Casino

LineBet Casino is an excellent new online casino that offers you a user-friendly website optimised for mobile devices, a variety of quality gambling games and a large choice of payment methods.

Sky247 Casino

LineBet Casino is an excellent new online casino that offers you a user-friendly website optimised for mobile devices, a variety of quality gambling games and a large choice of payment methods. And for those who are looking for a new online casino platform in India, you may want to check out

FairPlay Club Casino

If you are looking for a reliable and quality gambling service, FairPlay Casino is the right one for you. On the official website of this casino, you will find plenty of colourful slots and other games from reputable providers.

Melbet Casino

Some of the juiciest bonuses, plenty of slot machines, and a great selection of modern payment methods await you at Melbet Casino. The official website is also perfectly optimised for mobile devices.


To sum up our review, it is safe to say that new online casinos are no worse than the old and reputable ones, and in many ways even better. Such online casinos offer their customers an excellent and diverse service with innovations, new games and game modes, reliable and popular payment methods and, of course, generous bonuses and hot promotions. Newcomers to the gambling industry are doing everything they can to build their reputation and keep their customers happy. In our review, we have also introduced you to some of the best new online casinos in India, so we recommend that you pay attention to them.