How to make money in Online Gaming. What is the real way?

In the casino, you can gamble, you can lose, and you can win. However, you can’t say this is making money. There’s quite a lot of consultation on this issue, because people think they can find a way to easily make money in the casino. Or they will find some special secrets, guaranteeing to win. Making money from online casinos is real, but don’t expect to make money easily.

The problem is that casino games are games of chance. On the other hand, poker and sports betting are more suitable for making money, because in these cases, the outcome depends on skill. So all kinds of strategies and tricks won’t work. But there are indeed a few opportunities.

How to Really Make Money at the Casino?

How to Make Money at Online Casinos by Hunting for Bonuses?

This is one of the few methods that you can play and make money from. The calculation method is not based on luck, but on choosing the right bonus promotions. However, this method is not suitable for everyone, and a lot of patience and considerable expenditure are required before the player sees any results.

Bonus hunters can win more than they lose. However, this is only a theory, and if you play for a long time, it should become a reality. But what will actually happen for a specific player is unpredictable. For someone, the casino’s earnings will become a reality, and someone may eventually lose.

To take advantage of this method, you need to carefully choose bonus offers. The following formula is used to determine whether the bonus is suitable:

  • 100% – (wager*casino advantage)

Where 100% is the full amount of the bonus, Wager is how many times you need to pack before you can bet, Casino Advantage is the advantage of the specific game used for betting. If the result is a positive value, then the bonus can play an advantage, if it is a negative value, then it cannot.

For example, in M88 casino your bet is 35 times, the game is conducted on a slot machine, and you can get a 3% casino advantage. Substituting these values into the formula, we can get: 100% – 35*3% = -5%. This means that, on average, your betting expenses will be 5% more than the bonus itself. That is, this offer does not make money. Read more here about income from hunting for bonuses in the casino.

How Do I Make Money from Casino Affiliate Programs?

You don’t need to look at the casino’s earnings from the player’s perspective. If you look closely, each casino usually has information about affiliate programs in the footer. This is a real opportunity to earn income by bringing new players to the casino.

However, this requires a lot of time and money, because this is a highly competitive field. The principle of profit is as follows: For each player brought by a partner, the casino pays rewards in the form of a one-time fixed amount, which can be a percentage of the player’s loss, or a fixed amount + percentage.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems. There are many factors to consider. There are examples of operators deceiving their partners, so it’s crucial to choose your dealings cautiously, as partners are often susceptible to fraud.

How Can One Make Money From Casinos By Cheating?

One method involves exploiting bonuses for financial gain. Various tactics exist that don’t constitute cheating per se, but involve actions that online casinos don’t condone. The authors of these methods believe it’s possible to earn money in online casinos, and some of their tactics have a logical basis. For instance, at m88 casino, one can utilize bonuses to play Castle Builder and Castle Builder II or use cash-back to play roulette.

However, always remember that casinos typically have a clause concerning “bonus abuse.” Generally, casinos retain numerous rights for contingencies, without specifying all actions considered as abuse. So, various actions may fall under this clause, which is disadvantageous for the operator.

Without a doubt, if a money-making scheme is exposed, the casino will apply this rule without hesitation, seizing your winnings, or even potentially blocking your account.

Another method is making money through multiple accounts. Some players open several accounts to benefit from numerous bonuses. In most cases, operators are likely aware when a player creates more than one account, which may even be profitable for them.

As long as players lose money from their multiple accounts, they’ll allow this practice. However, if a player wins and wants to withdraw their winnings, they’ll note the rule violation. After all, every casino stipulates that each player is only allowed one account.

Casino cheating scams are quite popular. Proposals to defraud casinos and earn money are often freely shared. The authors point out some casino vulnerabilities and propose exploiting these for financial gain. They guarantee some scams will be 100% successful, but only in certain casinos. As usual, players are promised easy money.

In reality, apart from naive players who believe such tall tales, everyone else can make money. Scammers lure unlicensed casinos and earn compensation from them. More information can be read here. Casinos make money by offering fake games with adjustable odds. Therefore, there are no opportunities to win or withdraw money.

Ambiguous Money-Making Methods in Casinos

Some money-making methods can’t clearly be categorized as cheating, yet they are utilized in land-based casinos. For example, profit-making through sector targeting on roulette is practiced. Used devices calculate where the ball will roughly land based on its motion speed. This isn’t always considered illegal since the player does not interfere during the game.

Land casinos also employ “edge sorting” techniques in card games. Essentially, this isn’t viewed as cheating, just the player picking up such details on the back of the cards that grant him an advantage. Here, there’s no fraudulent activity or game manipulation, but the venue does not tolerate it. Read related content in the Baccarat article “Edge Sorting Technique in Baccarat.”

The famous poker player Phil Ivey never received his winnings of over 10 million dollars. Thanks to his diligence, he was able to spot a defect in card cloths and began winning in Baccarat. However, even the court ruled that the casino should not pay the card player, as the player had gained an advantage.

Useless Casino Money-Making Tricks

Strategies to Make Money in Online Casinos

There are numerous useless tricks and strategies for specific games. However, no matter what you do, the house’s advantage won’t disappear, and the outcomes are still random. In some games, you can only ensure that the house’s edge is kept to a minimum. For example, using a basic Blackjack strategy.

It doesn’t matter if the strategy is free or if someone charges you a hefty fee for it. They are of no help, as every round’s outcome is unrelated and random.


Making money in online casinos is possible. But it’s not what many people are chasing after. There’s no easy money without investment, and there are no issues. Investment is needed to earn bonuses or to make money from affiliate programs in casinos. And all of this is complicated, lengthy, and not cheap.

Don’t chase easy money-making in the casino. Only hope to win, and enjoy the fun of the game. You don’t need strategies, gambling, or anything else. Choose a reliable operator, play by the rules, and wait for your luck.