Play the Fish Prawn Crab Game Online With W88

Fish Prawn Crab Game: This traditional gambling game originated in China and spread throughout other Eastern countries. It consists of six images representing fish, shrimp, crab, Rooster, Gourd and Stag that are displayed on a betting layout.

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Are you searching for an entertaining online game to play with friends? Fish Prawn Crab could be just what the doctor ordered! This dice game is easy to learn and provides plenty of chances to enjoy some quality time with them!

In this game, players roll three six-sided dice with 6 mascots printed on them. Depending on which mascot they select, they win a bet.

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If you plan to play fish prawn crab online, it is essential that you comprehend the symbols used in the game. This is an invaluable skill if you hope to win big.

This game features six sides of the dice adorned with images of a fish, prawn, crab, rooster, calabash gourd and coin. Depending on how many appear on each roll, players will win different rewards.

Similar to Sic Bo, but with picture dice instead of numbered ones. A fish symbol rewards you with 29x your stake for three of a kind while prawn symbols reward you with 9x stake value for three of a kind.


In the online gaming world, there is a vast selection of products to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for beginners.

One such product is the fish prawn crab game which can be played online with W88. It’s an easy and rewarding game with generous payouts for players.

Sic Bo is a game similar to Sic Bo, except it uses three dice with images of different symbols on each side instead of standard numbers. These include fish, prawn, crab, chicken, gourd and stag.

The object of the game is to correctly predict the outcome of three dice rolls. Players must place bets on a betting layout before the dealer rolls the dice and reveals its symbols.


If you plan to play the fish prawn crab game online, there are certain rules that must be observed. Following these instructions will make the game much smoother for you to navigate and win!

The initial rule of the game requires familiarity with the symbols on the board. This will enable you to correctly predict which dice will match up with the symbol that you placed a bet on.

Furthermore, you should utilize a betting system to keep your wagering limit and play fish prawn crab game safely.


W88 is an excellent online casino that provides players with a wide range of games to enjoy, such as slots, blackjack, baccarat and other popular options. Players will have plenty to choose from when it comes to choosing their gaming experience at W88!

W88 Casino not only offers the usual slots, but they also have an exclusive section of casino games that don’t fall under the slots category. Popular titles include Fish Prawn Crab, Derby and Rock Paper Scissors among others.

In this game, you are asked to place bets on a betting layout using three dice. Each side features different animal images: Fish, Prawn and Crab are the primary symbols; other symbols may include Stag or Coin, Gourd and Rooster.