Plumbers digital marketing guide and checklist today

Fixing clogged drains or leaky faucets is the simplest task for an average plumber, you could probably do it in your dreams. However, unless you generate new leads and convert them to customers in no time, you may have lesser contracts and jobs to handle.

The success of your plumbing business depends on the number of potential customers you have in the business who are willing to hire and pay for your services. Quite often, plumbers have a lower customer base because they are ignorant of marketing for plumbers.

Digital marketing for plumbers provides you with the tools and resources that are needed to make you stand out in the marketplace and convert more people. The best way and strategy to achieve this is to employ the skills of digital marketing at your disposal and convert this target audience to customers.

Online marketing as you may know or not is constantly changing like a moving train. Trends and strategies will continue to change over time as more people take over the online sphere.

It is even more challenging for small business establishments like yours to land the right customers through the online market. This means that you may need to draft a working strategy and campaign for your business and possibly review it from time to time.

Back in the day, many businesses had access to mail marketing and easily passed their hand flyers to the locals for patronage but today’s world is much different and requires more than just that. Now, you have to choose from the trending plumbing digital marketing strategies and implement them to get results just like your competition.

The great deal is that you have quite a lot of resources at your disposal and you can easily apply the strategies to achieve great results in your plumbing business.

Setting your plumbing company up for digital marketing success

Digital marketing is a blessing to many but can also be a limitation if you make any of these mistakes. One of them includes launching a digital campaign without devoting time and resources to maintain and fund them appropriately.

A good digital marketing campaign runs successfully on two strategies: effective campaign and conversion techniques. If you ignore either of these, then you’re just wasting good resources and money too. The marketing campaign could fail, leaving you with the single thought that campaigns are not with it.

Consider putting these things in place if you want to run a  successful marketing campaign:

Launch a successful campaign strategy

A campaign strategy needs you to segment your audiences into certain listings including demography. This enables you to be specific about who you are targeting and dial in your strategy to the right audience.

Track your generated leads

First, you need to segment your audience and understand the specific demands of each group. The next step is to set up your online marketing strategy for good.

Nurture the leads

The fastest way to understand and measure the quality of leads you have on your list is to score them. The strategy here is to simply nurture these leads as soon as possible which could also increase your conversion rates.

Close the Deal

The final strategy that seals the success of your digital marketing strategy is to have a sales system in place so you can easily close your prospects in for a sale. Set and train your team members to have someone who understands how to achieve this through phone calls or emails. They also need to know how to actively follow up with leads and engage them in communication until they agree to the sale.


A Complete Checklist for your plumbing business

This is a checklist to guide you on the tools and resources you can leverage for your business. They include:

An optimized and converting website

Most business owners often start their business with design a quick one-page website simply because they have the means to do so. Here’s the deal, an effective website can certainly aid your business to reach the target audience but only if you implement the necessary strategies and use the right tools to ensure that this happens.

Always structure your plans in place for the success of your website before you start to design anything as a matter of fact. This includes deciding the navigation and layout of what the website should look like and where you want your visitors to visit or click to learn more about specific things. A few important pages include:

  • The main home page
  • The about us
  • Contact us page
  • Services page

Ensure that your website is well optimized to load within 3 seconds which is Google’s mark for ranking websites. Not just that, but ensure that the website appears well on all devices. Always showcase your previous works and services with high-quality graphics.

Make sure that you have a clear description of what you do on the page, the services that you offer, and how customers can reach you too.

Your call to action button should be a clear text button that tells customers what they need to do. For example: work with us, contact us, hire us, get in touch” All these help the customer to continue to the next step without delaying or being confused.

Set up and utilize Google my business

It is essential for every solopreneur and plumber who is yet starting to put their best foot forward and be where their target audience can find them. This includes Google my business. Google my business is a business listing platform built for local entrepreneurs to reach their target audience and help them position their businesses for customers to find them quickly.

You can easily set up a simple business profile in a few steps:

  • Choose a business name
  • Add your business address
  • List a contact number
  • Add your open hours for business
  • Add links to your website and social media handles
  • Add relevant and clear pictures of your office, gears, vehicle of operation, and employees if you have any.

Create a social media presence for your plumbing business

Pretty much every small business owner is on a social media platform or the other. There are so many social media platforms you can join today and best get that your target audience is waiting for you over there.

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook alone and your target audience is one of them. You can easily take advantage of social media to increase your exposure and reach out to the right market. Two crucial components of the online world are visibility and lead generation.

Social media marketing is a core aspect of digital marketing that every business owner should take seriously for success. With the right strategy and process in place, you can help your customers to find you online. Social media platforms function as search engines on their own. For instance, the use of hashtags helps to segment the interest of people into a single bracket for easy search.

A few important and popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. TikTok, Snapchat, Pinteret, Youtube, Linkeldn and the rest. Choose any one of them and create a business profile for your plumbing business.

Email Marketing

Most people usually end their marketing at the point of social media marketing alone which is usually not enough. The reason is that most leads on social media are cold leads and to nurture them properly for a close, you need to think of email marketing.

Through Email marketing, you can nurture them through exclusive content that you may not share on socials, and send discounts, offers, and other updates they could miss on your social media handles. Email marketing puts you in charge of delivering value directly to the doorstep of your target audience.

Nowadays, most email marketing platforms have automation in place to enable you to send out your lead magnets and emails even in your sleep at the right time. This way you don’t have to always be online for the emails to deliver.

It is worth mentioning that email marketing is not just a platform for you to harass your customers with sales every single time. Once you deliver valuable updates to them, they’ll easily be convinced to trust you and hire your services.

Run online ads

Once you have established an online presence and have strategies in place to boost your visibility across important platforms, then it is time to run pad ads online. Organic reach and marketing are much more important since it helps to nurture your leads and ensure that your ad campaigns do not fail.

You can run ads in two ways online: either through social media marketing or display advertising. Social media marketing involves creating ad content on a particular social platform or a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Google ads, Facebook ads, and the rest are effective to reach your audience.

Secondly, you can make use of banners or display adverts to run visually targeted ads to the target audience for your business. These ads could run on any social media platform or website of your choic