Quick Introduction about Planet VPN

Planet vpn is totally free of cost to use. Also there is no any time limit, bandwidth limit to use. You can watch movies, play country restricted games anytime with the free vpn.

Supported Device: you can use it from any device. Windows, Mac devices are supported.

Supported Browser:Almost all the browsers are supported. Here is the list- Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, Yadex,Firefox

Registration:you don’t need to register for using the vpn.

Security:Fully encrypted connection

Support: You can get dedicated support via email, chat.

I personally experienced a lot of free vpns, but this free vpn comes with no bandwidth limitation, no logs facility and many more facilities.

Main Advantages of Planet VPN:

  • Access website what you want
  • Access games and movies which is not accessible to your country
  • Acess music contents all over the world. You can listen music through online radio with the planet vpn.
  • You can easily save money on booking air ticket switching vpn
  • You can book hotels at low price with vpn
  • You can easily rent a car in a specific country with VPN.
  • You can have secured WIFI using this VPN
  • If you need to hide your IP, then it is best one to use
  • You can enjoy anonymous internet surfing and browsing

Benefits of using planet VPN:

  • Free Virtual Private Network service with no bandwidth, traffic, or time restrictions, compatible with all platforms and devices.
  • You can connect up to ten different devices to a single premium account.
  • Hard drive encryption that is dependable across all of our servers.
  • No logs or personal data collecting
  • No signup required
  • Technologies such as OpenVPN 256-bit 2048 RSA and IKEv2 are used.
  • More than 1,260 servers, over 60 countries, and all five continents
  • Applications or configuration files compatible with any hardware
  • Technology known as “Kill Switch”
  • VPN servers with high transfer speeds
  • protocols known as OpenVPN and IKEv2. Support for PPTP as well as L2TP/IPSec

Protection against DNS and IP leaks

Here is the quick view of the VPN:

  • Price- zero
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Logs: No Logs
  • Works with all operating systems

What users(on trustpilot) shared about this free VPN:

  • Igor told that its free and no registration required to use.
  • Get tir Told that he used different vpns but you could not find stable performed vpn like planet vpn.
  • Anton Davydov told that it is maintained stable connection all the time.
  • Marc Andreas Yao told that is it wonderful app to use.