Reasons Why You Need to Experience a Desert Safari in Dubai:

Because of Dubai’s towering skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and endless shopping options, it’s no wonder that tourists from all over the world flock to this Arabian metropolis. 

But beyond the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s cityscape lies another world waiting to be discovered: the vast desert landscape surrounding it. If you’re looking for an unforgettable Dubai experience, add a desert safari to your itinerary. Here are 10 reasons why you should do just that:

1. To see Dubai from a whole new perspective: 

The best way to truly experience Dubai is by getting out into its surrounding desert landscape. On a Desert safari Uae tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see how this ancient environment has shaped the city skyline and how modern development encroaches on traditional Bedouin life. However, be warned – the heat can be intense, so pack plenty of sunscreen and water.

2. For an adrenaline rush:  

A desert safari is perfect for thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush. There are plenty of exciting activities to choose from, such as dune bashing, camel riding, and quad biking. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try sandboarding. Besides this, there is always the option of simply taking a stroll through the desert and marveling at its natural beauty.

2. To witness local culture: 

There’s no better way to learn about local culture than by spending time with locals who have lived in the desert for centuries. On a safari tour, you’ll get up close and personal with these fascinating people, learning about their unique traditions and way of life. So, if you’re interested in getting to know the real Dubai, a desert safari is a must.

4. To feel like Lawrence of Arabia: 

If you’re into adventure travel or simply love movies set in exotic locations, experiencing a Dubai desert safari will give you that ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ feeling. You’ll feel like you’re in another world as you ride a camel through the dunes or camp under the stars. However, don’t worry; plenty of modern conveniences are available should you need them.

5. To go sandboarding or dune bashing: 

Who needs skis or snowboards when you’ve got dunes? If thrill-seeking is your thing, include sandboarding or dune bashing on your safari adventure. In the sandboarding, you will enjoy the ride of your life as you descend some of the highest dunes in the world. And for the ultimate adrenaline rush, try your hand at dune bashing. You’ll be hurtling through the desert in a 4×4, bouncing over dunes and kicking up dust in your wake. It’s an exhilarating experience that you won’t want to miss.

6. To enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine under starry skies:

Sitting down for dinner under clear starry skies is a delightful part of any safari trip. Traditional Middle Eastern fare served around the campfire makes for a truly memorable dining experience. In Middle Eastern cuisine, you will experience some of the most exquisite flavors and spices that will tantalize your taste buds. So, if you’re a foodie, then a desert safari in Dubai is definitely for you.

7. To see ancient ruins:

As tourism begins to boom in Dubai, more and more ancient ruins are being discovered hidden among the rolling dunes. A highlight for any history lover traveling through this region would be unearthing these lost treasures as part of their safari journey. However, it’s important to remember that these sites are fragile and should be treated with the utmost respect.

8. For some retail therapy:

Just because you’re in the desert doesn’t mean you have to leave your shopping urges behind. Many desert safaris include a stop at a traditional Arabian market, where you can haggle for souvenirs and handicrafts. However, if you’re looking for a more modern shopping experience, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is home to an upscale boutique selling luxury brands such as Hermes, Dior, and Givenchy.

9. To watch wildlife at sunset: 

Deserts may seem like barren wastelands devoid of all lifeforms, but they are home to many creatures, including snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. What could be more awe-inspiring than spotting majestic animals while watching the sunset over timeless landscapes? So, keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready, as you never know what you might see on a desert safari in Dubai.

10. To camp under the stars: 

One of the best things about desert safaris is that you can camp overnight under the blanket of stars. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in the open desert air and waking up to a beautiful sunrise. However, if camping isn’t your thing, most desert safari operators offer glamping options with air-conditioned tents and comfortable beds.