Selectively & Fully: Backup iPad to External Hard Drive

iPad is an important member of iOS devices. It has a larger screen than iPhone, providing users with a better visual experience. On your iPad, you may save a variety of important data, including documents, precious photos, contacts, videos, etc.

Considering the importance of this data, timely backup is crucial to prevent damage or loss of iPad. Next content will introduce how to back up data on iPad to an external hard drive to ensure data security.

What Is A Good Way to Backup iPad to Hard Drive?

Before you start backing up your iPad, you can first understand your backup needs and then choose the appropriate way to back up your device. Generally speaking, there are two backup methods: selective backup and full backup. Each of them has its own advantages, you can refer to the introduction below.

Selective backup

  • High flexibility, you can choose to backup any files you want individually
  • Backing up some data can effectively save space
  • When you choose to back up a small amount of data, the device can complete the backup faster and save time.

Full backup

  • Full backup can effectively ensure the security of all data and no data will be lost.
  • Full backup makes it easy to restore all data to another device with one click

FoneTool: Selectively or Fully Backup iPad Data to Hard Drive

Now you have some idea about choosing between backup and full backup. I know that there is a professional iPad/iPhone backup tool – FoneTool, which has both selective backup and fulbackup functions. With just one piece of software, you can implement different backup methods.

I used to back up my iPad, and I often lost data, whether I chose backup or full backup, it consumed a lot of my time. Until I discovered FoneTool, a free software, which has many advantages:

  • Easy to use. It has an user-friendly interface, I can easily get started even though I’m not a tech-savvy.
  • Fast backup speed. Both selectively backup and fully backup proceeds are quick. For example, I can backup 300 photos in seconds.
  • Preview and selectively backup. Before backup, I can view the files on my hard drive, like computer, and choose the files I need.
  • Fully backup with one click. FoneTool also supports backup everything from iPad to other external hard drives with a few simple clicks.
  • No Apple ID limitations. FoneTool allows you to backup, restore, and transfer iPad data with different Apple ID.
  • Wide compatibility. Not only backup iPad to hard drive, FoneTool also supports backup iPhone to external hard drive Windows, or backup iPod data.

How to Use FoneTool to Backup iPad to External Hard Drive

Now, whether you want to back up some specific files or need to back up all iPad data, you can follow the simple steps to backup iPad in different ways. We take backup iPad to Windows PC as an example.

Simple steps for selectively backup iPad to external hard drive

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect iPad to computer > Open FoneTool, go to Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Click Get Started.

Step 2. Check the icon to preview and choose the files you want to backup > Then tap OK.

Step 3. Decide a storage path as you like > Tap Start Backup to make it.

Step 4. Go to Backup History page to locate the iPad backup > Tap the three-dot and Restore to restore the iPad data.

Quick guide to fully backup iPad to other hard drives

Step 1. Connect your iPad to your computer with USB > Open FoneTool > Choose Phone Backup > Select Full Backup > Tao Get Started.

Step 2. Choose a storage to save the backup > Tap Start Backup and wait until it finishes > Then you can find the backups on the Backup History page.

Tip: You can enable Backup encryption if you need it. When it is enabled, your data like Keychain, Fitness records, etc. will stay be private.


That’s all about how to backup iPad to the external hard drive. If you only need to backup some data, such as photos, videos, music, messages, etc., you can use Select Backup to achieve these ideas. If you need to back up all your data, a full backup is a more convenient option.

As a professional and powerful iOS data backup tool, FoneTool not only meets the needs of selective backup, but also supports you to back up all iPad data with one click. In addition, it can also restore data to devices with different Apple IDs.