Should You Spend Time Hiring A Car Accident Attorney In Tucson?

If you live in Tucson, you probably know that traffic mishaps are not unusual in the city. A significant number of crashes and road accidents can be attributed to negligent and speeding drivers who often drive without caution. Following an injury, you might wonder whether it is necessary to engage a car accident attorney in Tucson. Arizona laws don’t make it obligatory for claimants to have legal counsel, but the decision is more about protecting your rights. Here are some things worth knowing. 

Claim evaluation for FREE

The biggest reason why you need an attorney is to know whether you have a valid accident claim and whether it is worth pursuing. The overall value of your case depends on several variables, including the nature of your injuries. If you are liable for the car crash to an extent, your compensation would be reduced according to state laws. A lawyer should be able to explain these details after listening to your story. The good part is most law firms in Tucson don’t charge a fee when they meet prospects for the first time. 

Investigation in detail

Probably the biggest challenge related to car accident claims is establishing liability. When more than two vehicles are involved, it can be challenging to determine who is accountable for your injuries and losses. Investigation plays a critical role in such situations. If you don’t know what it takes to discover and collect evidence, you could end up with a lower amount. An attorney with contacts and resources can investigate and explore all aspects. They will also talk to witnesses. 

Negotiation and beyond

You need to be smart enough to see insurance tactics and not settle for a low offer. Claims adjusters are anything but nice to people, and letting an attorney do the negotiation makes sense. If the insurance company refuses to pay a fair amount or rejects the claim altogether, your lawyer can pursue the matter in court. There is a time limit of two years for car accident lawsuits in Arizona, and you have to file the case within that period from the date of the mishap. 

As you may guess, getting compensated for your car accident claim is easier said than done. There are multiple things to consider, and without legal experience or understanding of the legalese, the risks are imminent. Meet an injury lawyer in Tucson today to know more.