Surfing in Shikoku, Japan

Shikoku is one of the smallest major islands in Japan. It is encircled by a Buddhist pilgrimage route of over 1,200 kilometers, and is home to the quaint feudal city of Matsuyama and the eight pilgrimage temples that make up the Matsuyama complex. Other attractions include the Dogo Onsen, one of Japan’s oldest hot-spring spas. There are also white-water rivers and hiking trails in the island’s interior.

Shikoku is home to some of the best surfing in the world. Despite its small population, it offers world-class rivermouth waves and a unique cultural experience. The island is easily accessible from Tokushima, which is home to the Tokaifu region. Once in the area, surfers can choose between several destinations for surfing.

The southeast-facing coastline of Shikoku makes for a wonderful surfing destination. The island is home to a number of point breaks, beach breaks, and rivermouths. Several of these breaks are world-class, and are popular with beginners. During typhoon season, waves can be very large, so surfers should bring their swimsuits!

Another Shikoku surfing spot is the Kaifu district, which faces the majestic Pacific Ocean. This is a good place to catch some waves even during the typhoon season from June to November. You can also check out the Japanese Pipeline, which is located near the mouth of the Kaifu River.