The corrective method for the surgical correction of the tip of the nose is penetrating

The next story will be about surgery where the tip of the nose is pierced and how to fix it and the serious dangers of filler injections in a way that writers in this country haven’t seen before. (As a writer is a plastic surgeon, like a writer, she’s already showing her full plastic surgery spirit.)

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How to fix a pierced nose with Gangnam Style

   Let’s stick to the Gangnam style trend a bit. So the writer wanted to write about Korea Style, but to fix the problem of the pierced nose tip. The writers would like to bring them together.

   After the tip of the nose drops and the nose is very prominent, Popular for a long time Most of the time, it’s the patient’s own desire to ask the writer or force the writer to make a dropper. Of course, after the new surgery, the tip of the nose is beautiful, the nose is very prominent. Both patients and doctors are liked, but as time passes, the beauty of the drop-tipped nose comes with a risk that can cause problems. In fact, the problem of the pierced nose is not caused by the teardrop tip augmentation alone. please

The cause of the tip of the nose is pierced due to two main reasons:

  1. The silicone inserted, the more prominent, the more problems the sharper the tip. The tip of the drop of water is more risky. The more I want surgery, I want to lift the tip of my nose. In order to reduce the size of the wings of the nose, it is easier to penetrate. L-shape silicone (legged silicone is more risky than legless or L-shape silicone). Where should this long silicone tea be stuffed, patient? Many people, including many doctors, often believe that L-shape silicone tea will keep the nose from tilting. Which probably won’t be at all Because even the legs! No matter how long it is, if the nose is not straight, it is useless. Instead, it increases the risk to have a higher chance of breaking through.
  2. The patient who takes care of the nose. Patients who are not careful are often hit. Especially the tip of the nose, the more it accelerates the day to pass faster. Or patients who like to use IPL lasers are applied to the nose where silicone augmentation is often done. The faster the inflammation, the faster because the silicone absorbs both heat and cold. When the surgical nose is applied with a laser, it absorbs heat and is ready to release heat later. This causes the skin above the surgery area to become inflamed.

   When you know the cause This time, let’s see if the tip of the nose starts to become red and inflamed. Or close to breaking through, how do Korean doctors have a solution? Do Thai doctors and Korean doctors have different solutions?) For Korean doctors, there are hierarchical solutions according to the severity of nasal tip perforation problems, in the following order.

   Level 1 The tip of the nose starts to become thin, clear, and people say that the tip of the nose is thin. Or take a picture and notice that the tip of the nose is thin or begins to have a tingling sensation at the tip of the nose.

   Level 2 The tip of the nose is so thin that it has changed its shape or has a convex appearance from the surgical silicone tip.

   Grade 3, the tip of the nose is red, inflamed, like an elephantiasis, or there is lymph seeping out at the tip of the nose.

   Level 4, the tip of the nose is pierced and a piece of silicone has emerged, the silicone has penetrated, don’t be sad, everything has a solution.

   There is a solution to the thin and pierced nose tip.

  1. In the case of the tip of the nose becoming thin or the tip of the nose convex from silicone Caused by the tip of the silicone tree, the area has been around for a long time until finally the skin in that area is starting to thin. Therefore, when removing the silicone, the skin at the tip of the nose will dent, so in order to prevent throwing of the tip of the nose, the doctor must bring the patient’s own tissue to support the skin in that area, not to soften it. The tissue that is said to be called Dermal Fat Graft, which is the location of the Dermal Fat Graft that Korean writers use, is not the tissue behind the ear like Thai writers. But the position he chose was the butt groove! by reasoning that The epidermis (Dermis) in this area is thicker and stronger than other areas (actually If asked which area of ​​the body has the thickest epidermis The answer is palms and soles, but this area is not suitable for other uses other than picking up or walking. So the writer thinks that Korean doctors choose a secondary position.)

   He will bring that part to be plastic surgery instead of all the silicone. From the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose and in the area with soft meat. Of course it’s better Because it’s the tissue itself, don’t be afraid to go through anymore and it’s also a solution to the cause. (because the area where the bump is caused by the thinning of the epidermis), but the disadvantage is that the nose that is corrected by this method is often less prominent. Because over time, Dermal Fat Graft will begin to collapse. It will collapse more or less depending on the thickness of the epidermis. (But in Thailand, there are some writers who take fat tissue from the navel and abdomen to augment the nose in this area. The epidermis is relatively thin, but it’s still much better than the much thinner tissue behind the ear.)

When corrected, they often offend patients who still want their noses to stand out in case the patients still want them to stand out. Korean doctors suggest that you may choose to have a silicone surgery on the bridge of the nose with the tip of the nose that can be corrected with Dermal Fat Graft (some doctors may call this a Double Implant). of the Top Clinic, which is often modified with Alloderm, which is a synthetic cuticle instead of using Dermal Fat Graft, which has quite good results.