The Disadvantages of Nursery Care

There are many benefits to sending your child to a nursery. This type of care not only gives you some time to yourself, but it will also help your child develop social skills. This includes listening, eye contact, sharing, and manners. The nursery will also help your child develop their language skills. It will also help your child develop a strong immune system.

However, nursery attendance comes with some disadvantages as well. Among these are that children who have difficulty socializing may end up being more isolated. Children in nurseries can also be exposed to germs. Furthermore, mothers will be under more stress when their children are ill. Although a nursery is convenient for working mothers, it is not a good fit for every child.

Another disadvantage is the cost. A private nursery may cost hundreds of dollars per month. It is advisable to check the nursery’s fees before choosing one. You should also be sure to check the requirements of the nursery in your area. For instance, some preschools require children to be potty trained. Knowing this beforehand can prevent any nasty surprises during the application process.

Another disadvantage of using a nursery is that the labor force may be underpaid. However, a nursery can solve many of the problems associated with unemployment. The staff can be trained in other skills such as tree planting, and the nursery itself can be a training center. And it can help to reduce environmental pollution.