The Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Credit Score

Bankruptcy is the legal process that aids the persons who cannot cope with the problem of debts anymore. As for the process of getting through such a case, Benenati Law Firm offers the required assistance and experience in this regard. But then again, one must know that filing for bankruptcy takes a toll on the credit score immensely. 

However, when one files for bankruptcy, the credit reporting agencies get to note this particular information and that translates to an instant and noticeable dropping of the credit score. The degree of decrease that is incurred is majorly proportional to the initial score, where those who get higher scores suffer the worst.

For how long do you think that bankruptcy remains on one’s credit history?

Bankruptcy remains on one’s credit report for several years and hinders the individual’s credit status in the long run. This usually delays a person from getting credit for a long time or a job due to a bankruptcy seen as a hindrance by creditors or employers.

Can you rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy?

Yes, it is possible provided that an individual has enough patience, effort and behaves responsibly. First, you need to pay for a secured credit card that works under the principle: the sum you pay as a deposit serves as your credit line. This card is best used for little and frequent purchases and the balance should be paid in full each month. As a credit consumer, one may build up their classification over time when they start to make regular and proper utilization of the credit limit granted.

What Are The ShortTermEffects Of Bankruptcy?

Two of the essential things that happen soon after filing for bankruptcy are the automatic stay, which stops all creditors from continuing to attach the debtor’s property, thus providing the debtor with some relief. But you can still use credit accounts, they will be shut down or reported in the bankruptcy list, and the credit utilization ratio will be drastically reduced. This may lead to an even higher interest rate on any credit which one is able to access later.


Bankruptcy harms your credit rating and almost all your options for getting credit, but it does not have to be a conclusion to life on credit. It is important for people to understand that many individuals regain their poor credit status as well as financial status after consumer bankruptcy. 

The idea is to bring changes and maintain a better standard of living in the future by following standard financial management policies like Budgeting, Saving and all policies before taking any excess risk to take debts.