The Vastu Blueprint to a Joyful and Harmonious Marriage

Vastu is often related to traditional and religious beliefs, but its spiritual implications are evident from the studies. Vastu speakers talk about positive energy and good energy. A positive environment provides mental peace and well-being and advances towards a successful life. Marriage needs compatibility between two people, and various systems like Kundli matching and other social processes take place to test the compatibility between the couple. Different astrology apps are also available to provide information on Vastu.

Marriage needs proper planning, and some tips can help to attract positive energy into the couple’s lives. Here are some tips to start a healthy married life by Vastu:

Marriage halls: Marriage halls are significant attractions of how beautiful and spacious it is; however, other factors must also be considered. Oval and round-shaped marriage halls should be avoided, and rectangular or square-shaped marriage halls should be preferred. It brings stability and balance to the life of the groom and bride.

The platform of the Marriage hall: The platform where the bride and groom will stand should be made in such a way that they are standing in the west and facing towards the east direction; this enhances positivity and brings happiness in their lives.

Guests: Guests are the close people, friends and family who attend the one-time event marriage to give their blessings to the new couple. The guests’ seating arrangement should be in such a manner that they sit in the southwest or North.

The entrance: The archway must always be placed to the North or northeast, followed by a green, open lawn. These orientations draw incredible vibes from the Universe. A waterfall or a fountain can also be installed in these directions to make your guests feel welcome. The colour black should be avoided as it attracts negativity.

Colour Combination: Pink, yellow, and blue are considered happy colours, and it is advised to use these colours in the marriage hall and the outfit of the groom and the bride. Even the decors should be done keeping in mind the combination of cheerful colours. Often, newlyweds can go to several online astrology apps to find more information on Vastu and marriages.

Restrooms: Restrooms are oriented west or northwest, as this is the course rivers and streams take as they flow towards the ocean. Storerooms for wedding decor, catering materials, and bulk supplies are located in the southwest, which is controlled by Rahu, the planet linked with riches and materialism.

God’s Corner: The mandap is also known as God’s corner. It’s the ultimate place where the rituals take place. The mandap should always be made in the North East direction. Fire is one of the components of Vastu itself, and the fire must be burned in the South East direction.

Entrance of the hall: The hall’s entrance should only be towards the East and North direction. It brings positivity and enhances happiness into the life of the new couple.

Other appliances: Appliances like the electrical setting, sound system, and lighting should be placed in the southeast direction.

Food and Kitchen Area: The food preparation and cooking should be done in the South and East direction. It helps to save money and decrease stress, expenditure and loss of food and money.

Ceremony of Departure: Nothing has been dramatised more than the bidaai (farewell) scene in Bollywood films, where the bride weeps and leaves for the groom’s house. The bride should do rites in the southwest. These rituals ensure that even if the Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of wealth) of the home leaves, her parents’ house will remain rich.

Indian astrology, or Vedic astrology, uses planets and constellations differently. However, Indians employ a birth chart, or Kundli, to guide a person’s life through adulthood, particularly in matrimony. My astrologer recommended similar changes

at my sister’s wedding.

Small things add up to make a happy married life. Vastu is vital not only for our homes but also for any other arrangements we make. Nobody wants negative energy to invade their lives or ruin an event. Thus, it is critical to consider Vastu Shastra when picking wedding venues. Keeping the Vastu mentioned above direction for a beautiful marriage hall in mind, one can find the appropriate marriage hall.