Threat of Punishment for Togel Gambling Bookies and Their Players

Lottery gambling is still popular and is a form of gambling game that is often carried out. In fact, there are criminal penalties for lottery gambling that target the actors, both agen royaltoto and players.

Gambling games in Indonesia are prohibited by law or as an illegal practice. However, even though it has been banned, in fact there are many people who like betting, especially lottery gambling. It is important to understand that if there are criminal threats targeting gambling agents and their players, here is a complete discussion.

The practice of gambling, including lottery gambling, is not a foreign thing in Indonesia. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) the word gambling is concluded as a game using money or goods of value as a bet.

In terms, gambling is deliberate speculation, namely placing a value or something that is considered valuable knowing that there are certain risks and expectations in a game, match, competition or event whose outcome has not yet been determined.

Triggers of hectic gambling in Indonesia
There are several reasons why gambling is busy. In this regard, one of the main reasons is because gambling is a process of survival at the minimum. In the midst of limited work and economic pressure, there is an opportunity to “win” making people choose gambling as a way to meet economic needs.

Furthermore, based on the research that has been done, there are five reasons that trigger gambling in Indonesia to become more widespread. Factors or arguments are interpreted as follows.

Socio-economic problems, residents want to make money instantly to improve their standard of living.
Situational factors, there are impacts from the surrounding environment; can arrive from colleagues or other groups.
The learning factor, people who bet have learned certain gambling techniques and are willing to repeat and learn the gambling activities they have carried out.
The possibility factor, there is a misconception that has developed in society so far, namely the assumption that people who bet always have the chance to win.
The skill factor, there is a high sense of self-confidence if there is skill to win bets.

Gambling Togel

There are several forms of gambling games among the people. Does the lottery count as gambling? Yes, lottery is short for dark toto and is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Indonesia.

Togel is very close to the culture of Indonesian citizens, especially among the lower middle class. The lottery was taken from the lottery game and modified by various traditional elements, including strong mystical beliefs. Therefore, in Indonesia lottery gambling is often enlivened with mystical elements as a spice.

Lottery gambling is a type of gambling in the form of a number lottery or lottery. Later, the winner will be determined by the numbers that come out during the draw.

Lottery gambling is not just an ordinary “game”, but there is a complex network behind it. This network includes several individuals who carry out different roles and jobs. Even now lottery gambling can be played online via smartphones, both Android and Iphone.

Some of the roles that are defined include lottery dealers, security, employees, lottery number collectors, and lottery number retailers.

As information for roles that are less “general”, please read the understanding from collectors and dealers. Togel dealers or regional dealers are roles that are assigned to people who manage the lottery network in an area, the number of these dealers is usually more than one person. Not only that, dealers often become investors and sellers of gambling mechanisms.

Then, the collectors are the slaves of the dealer. The job of the collector is to collect deposits from various retailers. This deposit can be in the form of a marketing money deposit or a number. Generally, collectors get a salary in the form of a commission, depending on the deposit given.

The Threat of Punishment for Togel Gambling According to the Law

The problem of royaltoto login and legal snares is regulated in Article 303 of the Criminal Code concerning gambling. Article 303 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code explains that what is called a gambling game is every game, in which in general the possibility of making a profit depends on sheer luck, also because the players are more trained or more proficient. It includes all bets on the decision of a race or other games that are not held between those competing or playing, as well as all other bets.

Furthermore, regarding lottery gambling penalties for dealers, Article 303 of the Criminal Code states that the maximum penalty is ten years in prison or a maximum fine of IDR 25 million for:

any person who intentionally offers or provides an opportunity for gambling games and makes it as a search or deliberately participates in such a company;
anyone who deliberately offers or gives an opportunity to the public