Top 3 Best Investing Companies For Beginners

Long-term investing is a serious endeavor that should be treated as such. You need distinct goals that can be reached in the future, and a plan to reach them. However, you can’t succeed without choosing the right people to guide you: they will help you choose the right instruments, manage your risks, store your funds, and so on. In a word, you need a reliable investing company. In this article, we will explain how to choose one and give you a couple of reputable options.

How to choose the best company

If you don’t know much about trading and investing, you should choose a truly trustworthy and flexible company with versatile assets and all kinds of additional features: educational materials, news, guides on trading, and so on. All in all, major investment funds can really guide you, but you should still learn as much as possible about the assets you’re buying. Pay close attention to commissions and fees, but don’t hesitate to ask for better conditions: you can actually successfully negotiate with most funds.

When you’re just a starter, you don’t need risky or complex instruments: instead, focus on simple ones like stocks or ETFs. The latter are rather convenient since they are professionally managed tools that allow you to diversify your portfolio and lower your overall risk without actually having to invest a lot of money. Many brokers offer them along with other instruments, so you should choose the best platform in terms of security and condition. Let’s take a look at the best investing companies for beginners.


An old and reliable Amsterdam-based broker, DEGIRO is considered one of the best stock brokers all over the world. It also features ETFs, currencies, bonds, options, and so on. The conditions offered by the company are relatively favorable, and you can start investing with just $1 in your pocket.


Founded in 2007, eToro is another reputable and convenient investing company that’s considered one of the best choices for novice traders. It’s especially well-known for its passive income options, but it’s also helpful when you want to manage your portfolio more actively.


eOption is an American investment company known as a heavily regulated and novice-friendly broker with a wide choice of available trading instruments. It’s mostly known as a great broker for investing in options, but you can also trade stocks with low commissions here.