Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Passport Photo Online

Traveling abroad is an amazing experience. But before you set off on your adventure, you’ll need to get a passport photo. Getting one done in person intimidates some enough to avoid it or put off the process for months. Is it time to renew your passport, and you’re too embarrassed to go out in public looking like a raccoon, thanks to the photo? You can take a passport photo at home, which helps fix the problems of lighting, background, expression and more.

When looking for a passport photo, you’re probably worried about getting the right one. Even when you follow the tips on where and when to get them done, your results still need to look like the digital samples on the government sites.

What makes getting a good passport photo so challenging?

First, there are strict rules about how it needs to look. Passport photos must be in color and sized according to standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation . They need to be aligned properly and look right, no matter what angle you are at. You need to take into account things like lighting and background.

You can take a passport photo on a mobile app from your smartphone to a tablet. It looks similar to the digital photo samples you see online. But is it good enough?

What’s the Best Way to Get a Passport Photo Done?

There are better ways of getting a passport photo done .

Don’t worry. There’s no one right way — at least if you want to get the best results. Let’s look at what the options are and how they are different .

Under the law , you have two options for a passport photo. Here, your photo is taken in color, either black-and-white, or with color shots blended to give you an idea of what your face looks like by adding a tint.

The other option is taking a digital photo 35×45 mm photo online, which looks close to what you see on the government sites. But is it good enough?

Taking a photo with a mobile app is similar to taking an online photo, except your pictures are sent to your computer instead of printed. It looks similar to the digital photo samples you see online. But is it good enough?

What about taking pictures on your smartphone?

Though smartphones have some unique and fun features, they aren’t meant for cameras. The way their cameras work could cause you to have a bad photo.

Your photos may look great on your phone’s screen, but those shots will have many problems when you print them. Some smartphones shoot photos back to front. That means the image on the film or sensor is upside down! In addition, your photos can glare and reflections if you hold your phone too close to light that’s coming from above or behind you or if you are using flash.

Most phone cameras can’t focus close up or far away simultaneously. That means you will get blurry photos when you take a photo of yourself, especially if there isn’t anything in the photo for your smartphone to use as a reference point.

You can bring a laptop or tablet with you. You could find a free wireless network where you live or work that’s open to the public. Otherwise, you will have to pay for access at the place where you are taking your photos. Remember that there may be a minimum amount of time you have to spend on their network before you can print.

Do You Need a Passport Photo?

Passports aren’t just meant for traveling abroad. They are documents proving your citizenship in countries that use them. That makes it hard to prove your identity when you need visas, driver’s licenses and more.

If you are applying for a visa or to work abroad, you need photos that meet the requirements for those documents. You should have a passport photo before applying for any of these things. This will prevent delays or complications.

When Do You Need to Get Your Passport Photo Taken?

Your passport photo allows you to leave your country. If you travel overseas, you will need one. It’s a rule set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation . You can’t just use the picture on your driver’s license.

You don’t need to renew your passport for a long time, so it’s important to get your photos done well before traveling .

How Do You Get Your Passport Photo Done?

If you dread taking passport pictures, here are some tips to help you get them done quickly and easily. First, think about what makes you uncomfortable and how you can fix that. Is there a setting you would like to change? Are there people at the photo location you feel uncomfortable with?

Now, go through your family photo album. You may have hundreds of pictures. It’s time to find one that does what your passport photo needs to do and also looks good. Let’s say you want a picture that is 35×45 mm . Ensure the background is free from glare and avoid reflections from too much light behind your head.

A picture of yourself will look best. If you have a friend or family member comfortable taking your picture, get that done instead. Sometimes it’s easier to take a selfie when you can see what the camera sees. That way, you won’t find yourself in public looking like a raccoon!


Your passport photo is one of the most important documents you need. It doesn’t have to be hard or stressful! Study the regulations and think about things that make you happy. You can get passport photos taken in various ways, using a mobile app or smartphone.

Knowing what kind of photo you want and how you will get it will give you peace of mind. If you have a few spare hours, why not try a photo-editing app? So, the next time you get your passport photos taken, take comfort in knowing that things don’t have to be hard and stressful.