Understanding Dentists and What They Can Do for Your Health

People are becoming aware that the health of their mouths is linked to their overall health. Dental problems can lead to other serious health concerns like heart disease and stroke.

Your mouth is an extension of your body. Just because you see a dentist rather than a doctor, or your dental health insurance is not included with your health insurance is no reason to think that your mouth is separate and not connected to the rest of your body.

If you have been ignoring your dental health consult with Sydney Road Dental Care.  They can get you back on track taking care of your mouth and gums.

General Dentists

Every graduate from dental school can practice as a general dentist. General dentists offer a wide range of services. They can perform general services like fillings cleanings, and crowns. Many general dentists offer other services like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry services.

Cosmetic dentistry has become popular in recent years, as more people are placing greater emphasis on their personal appearance and style.  Having a dazzling smile is an important asset in many social and business circumstances.

General dentists also maintain a referral network of other dental professionals who specialize in other areas of dentistry.


A periodontist focuses on issues patients have with their gums and tissues that support the teeth.  Inflammation and gum disease that leads to bone loss. When patients lose bone around a tooth, the tooth becomes unstable and the patient can eventually lose it.


An orthodontist specializes in the alignment of the teeth and jaw. They can use wires, braces, retainers and the like to align your bite.  When your teeth are properly aligned they not only look more attractive but it is easier to bite, chew and speak.

Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries, and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Some of the problems they deal with include complex tooth extractions, surgical correction of misaligned jaws, biopsy and removal of tumours, cysts, and head and neck cancer.

Paediatric Dentists

A periodontist provides services for children and adolescents. Children require deft handling and offers an opportunity for dentists who love children to specialize in treating them.

Your general dentist plays the main role in helping you maintain your dental health. if you have an issue beyond what your dentist is comfortable handling, they will refer you to a specialist.