Unlock Your Pdf Files Effortlessly With 3 Effective Ways!

PDF encryption is mainly done to secure its content, making it inaccessible to unauthorized users. This ensures data privacy and securing confidentiality. It can be helpful for those dealing with business contracts or legal documents. However, users often forget the password of their PDFs, wondering how to remove encryption from PDFs without a password. Though it’s quite trickier, certain PDF editors, including UPDF, allow it.

In this comprehensive guide, we have explained the three most effective ways to unlock PDFs in-depth. So, let’s give them a quick read without any further ado!

3 Ways to Remove Encryption from PDF

Below, we have compiled three guides on how to remove encryption from PDFs. Owing to them, you can re-access your private info without disrupting the quality and layout of your format.

Method 1: Remove Encryption from PDF Document with UPDF

UPDF is an amazing PDF processing software that works across Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It’s equipped with many important features that can streamline your PDF-related tasks, saving you time and money, as the software is affordable and user-friendly. Its most used features include OCR conversion, AI integration, PED editing, annotation, protection, and more.

With UPDF, you can protect your PDF with either an Open or Permission password. Besides this, it also helps remove encryption from PDFs. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Launch UPDF and open the PDF whose password you want to remove.
  • If your PDF file is secured with an Open password, a window will pop up asking for the Password.
  • Hit Protect PDF option on the right toolbar and select Remove Security from the following menu.
  • If you have encrypted your PDF with a Permission Password, you will be asked to enter the password. Please enter it and hit Remove.

  • Lastly, click Save to save your decrypted PDF file.

Note: This method works only if you know the password. Decrypting with this method can be the best idea, as you can edit and annotate the PDF in the same editor afterward.

Method 2: Remove Encryption from PDF Document with aJoysoft

If you have forgotten the PDF password and do not even have access to the PDF owner, you will have to rely on aJoysoft. This platform lets users decode up to 200 PDF files in a single batch, improving their efficiency and boosting productivity. It helps remove the Permission Permission Password if you have forgotten one. You can also use it for removing Open Passwords, but you should know it to unlock PDF first.

Follow these steps to learn how to unlock PDF with aJoysoft:

  • Launch aJoysoft PDF Password Remover and upload your document using the drag and drop feature or Add Files option.
  • It supports batch decryption, so you can upload as many files as possible to decode in a single run.
  • In the case of Permission Password, just hit the option Remove Password at the bottom right corner.

  • However, in the case of Open Password, you will be required to enter your password before accessing the Remove Password option.

Method 3: Remove Encryption from PDF by Printing with Google Chrome

You can also rely on Google Chrome to remove encryption from PDFs by printing. Here is all that you will need to do:

  • Navigate to Google Chrome and open the PDF file you want to decode.
  • Once the PDF opens, unlock it by adding a Password.
  • If you are a Mac user, use the shortcut Command + Print to display the Print menu; Windows users will use the shortcut Control + P.
  • Now in the Destination section, select Save as PDF and choose the Save option to save the unlocked PDF.
  • Now, you can access your PDF file without the need to enter a Password.

How Can You Manage PDF after Decoding with UPDF?

Once you have learned how to unlock PDF, you can access its editing, annotation, organization, and more. However, rely on UPDF’s innovative features to unveil endless PDF processing efficiencies. Here are some of its features that will help everyone out there in one way or another!

1. Reading, Annotating, and Editing PDFs

UPDF enables reading PDFs in certain reading modes. You can access the dark and light reading modes to improve your reading experience day and night. With it, you can express your thoughts in the best way possible, adding comments, shapes, and stickers. On the other hand, editing revolves around replacing, removing, and adding images, text, and links.

2. Syncing Across Devices for Seamless Workflow

One license of UPDF gives you the authority to use your account on multiple devices at a time. These devices can be any from Windows to Mac, Android, or even iOS. This makes PDF management much easier on the go.

3. Conversion to Various File Formats

Another important feature of UPDF is its swift OCR conversion technology. It can convert scanned PDF files into editable text. Support formats of conversion are fourteen, and the supported languages for OCR technology are thirty-eight.

4. Fill and Sign the PDF

Filling PDF forms and signing PDF contracts or legal documents has become a breeze with this remarkable Supaerace creation. It auto-detects fillable areas and allows entering data in them. Owing to it, you can create and add electronic signatures to PDF in no time.

5. Organization and Management of PDFs

Gone are the days when we had to recreate PDFs to fix the page order, rotation, or a plethora of such issues. With UPDF, you can split, merge, insert, delete, rotate, and organize PDFs with ultimate ease. It comes with UPDF Cloud storage. Once the PDF is uploaded, you can access PDFs from multiple devices.

6. UPDF AI Features

Last but not least, UPDF boasts AI features for translating, summarizing, writing, and explaining. These can help you translate content into your language for easy understanding, summarize long reading material into short one to two para crux, brainstorm ideas and create effective blogs, and explain a point with in-depth detail, clarifying concepts.

Comparison Between UPDF to Other PDF Editors

Here is how UPDF compares with other renowned PDF editors:

Pricing, System, and Features


Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  Pricing Annual: $39.99

Perpetual: $59.99

US$155.88/year US$239.88/year
  Work on Systems Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Windows only Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


Add and manage bookmarks Yes Yes Yes

Display a PDF as a slideshow


Yes No No

Annotate PDF

Text Comment/Sticky Note Yes Yes Yes
  Squiggly line Yes Yes Yes
  Stickers Yes No No

Organize PDF

Extract, Rotate, Split, Remove, and Crop pages Yes Yes Yes

Insert pages from another PDF file


Yes Yes Yes
  Crop Pages Yes Yes Yes

Convert PDF

Convert PDF to RTF Yes Yes Yes
  Convert PDF to GIF Yes No No
  Convert PDF to HTML Yes Yes Yes
  Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, etc. Yes Yes Yes

Final Thoughts

This article features multiple guides on how to remove encryption from PDFs. Though all of these have a 100% success rate, we suggest trying the guide featuring UPDF. With it, you cannot only unlock PDFs but also edit, annotate, organize, share, print, convert, and sign them afterward. So, go get your UPDF license now, as currently, you can enjoy the 54% discount on UPDF Pro.