User impressions of CAP+ innovation for the elderly

CAP+ home oxygenation system reduces CO2, the silent threat that can be fatal. Home Builder Landy Home บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน is a brand known for its home building business with technology. to solve the problem

and elevate the quality of life of everyone in the house, for example, creating a cool house innovation

innovative home without cockroaches without relying on chemicals Home innovation for the elderly

or even innovation to prevent flooding In the aftermath of the floods in Bangkok, home builder Landy Home บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน was also a leader in this regard.

And now Landy Executive Home also launched a new brand called CAP+ (CAP Plus).

which is an innovation that helps fill the house with fresh air. This innovation is considered a necessary system in many countries, but in Thailand there is this system. only in luxury homes

How about adding fresh air in the house? What is the necessity of our lives?

And what are the strengths and attractions of the CAP+ brand?

We’ll tell you about it..

Technology that helps add fresh air along with air quality control. It is an innovation that is quite popular in foreign countries such as Japan, Canada and many other countries in Europe.

Because inside the house or in a closed area There will be an accumulation of carbon dioxide. Especially in the bedroom where we have to spend more than 9 hours every night. which many studies have indicated Sleeping with the same air in the room will affect the brain. respiratory system

If the carbon dioxide level is greater than 800 PPM, there will be an impact on the allergic system. respiratory system both in children and adults And if the carbon dioxide level is over 1,000 PPM, it will affect the concentration, learning and brain development of children.

Many people say that when they wake up, they feel exhausted, like they don’t get enough sleep. despite having hours of sleep that are at the standard level

Maybe try measuring carbon dioxide levels in the middle of the night in the bedroom. which may be the cause of this symptom

Many people tend to misunderstand that the installation of air conditioners It’s enough to help circulate fresh air.

But actually the air conditioner in our residence Most of them are cooling aids only.

air filter part Although it can filter PM2.5 dust, filter odors and various allergens

But the air still hasn’t been transferred. It’s still the same air that swirls in the room.

making it impossible to reduce the accumulation of carbon dioxide

Simply put, it’s like we’re sleeping with a lack of oxygen. But that does not mean that there is no chance of death like sleeping in a car. Because the size of the room is larger than the size of a car that can accumulate more air. which While we open the door of the house There will be some outside air coming into the house. But most of the time, if we don’t open the windows often or we don’t have a good ventilation system. In the room, there will still be insufficient oxygen levels.

In Thailand itself There aren’t many homes that have this type of air-filling innovation. And the existing system still has some other problems, such as a noisy air control system. making it not suitable for the bedroom or maintenance that is quite difficult

Landy Home is already an expert in home building innovation. And this is the origin of the CAP+ branding.

So what are the outstanding and interesting features of CAP+?

– CAP+ has a super low noise of only 25dB, which is quieter than a whisper.

– Air Change Rate is higher than general If the bedroom size is 40 square meters, it can change the air throughout the room in half an hour.

– Doesn’t work like an air purifier that filters only the air that is in the room but also improves airflow by drawing in new air with oxygen

– Easy to install in less than an hour (the CAP200 is installed in a house or a finished building)

– Help create positive pressure conditions in the room. Like a small sterile room of a hospital, germs and toxic dust cannot enter.

– There is a PM2.5 filter that filters out odors and various allergens, along with positive pressure conditions. Causing various toxic dust to not enter the room If using an air purifier already It can be seen that the machine works less.

– Save electricity because it consumes only a few tens of baht per month.

– Easy maintenance, just change one filter, which can be easily replaced by yourself.

– Tested for air quality levels from SGS* by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide accumulated in the room by up to 95%.

– Is a brand of 100% Thai people with care and product warranty