Webtoon Paid Its Artists Millions of Dollars

The findings are shocking in a field not recognized for being kind to authors and artists. It has been formally revealed that Webtoon, a well-known mobile online comics site owned by Korean internet behemoth Naver, will be paying English-language comics creators. Since 2020, Webtoon claims that payments to English-language producers have exceeded approximately $27 million, or more than $1 million on a monthly average. Since the creator monetization program for the business was launched in the US in 2019, that represents an increase of almost 76%.

Those outcomes are consistent with the rapid expansion Webtoon has experienced over the previous several years, resulting in its application reaching 90 million monthly active users worldwide, according to data that the firm just made public.

Users pay their authors money to subscribe to their serialized works. For a nominal monthly price, subscribers have unique access to the initial airing of brand-new episodes. In South Korea, the country where Webtoon is based and where the market for this type of material and business model is more established, the highest-paid artist earned more than $9.5 million 5 years ago.

Every type of creative like webtoon was aided by the technical platform for telling tales, which allowed them to share their works with a global audience and make money from them. At a time when comics were more widespread than ever, they were really proud of the booming Creator Economy and community they had built to respect and encourage Webtoon Manhwa artists.

Webtoon uses cutting-edge data analytics to help connect viewers with fresh material in an effort to make more of its creations top sellers. Additionally, the business offers connections with publishers and licensors, book, and film partnerships through Wattpad Webtoon Studios, as well as other opportunities for artists to make money from their creations.

The firm also debuted a brand-new tipping mechanism for producers in its Canvas (user-generated content) platform. Another way that the developing mobile digital comics industry is giving creators the chance to fund themselves without the help of traditional publishing gatekeepers is in this instance. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the denominator, which is much greater than the enormous creator payoff figure, is there as well more than manhua creators. The firm is expanding into new markets and media, and according to Webtoon, its global Gross Merchandise Volume last year was over $900 million.

In order to compete for the talent and material that the younger generation wants, Webtoon plainly feels that giving artists a piece of the growth’s bounty will provide the company a competitive edge. The US comics business increased by more than 62% to over $2 billion last year, indicating the high demand for sequential art across all mediums and genres. Webtoon has already figured out a way to get around the costs and challenges of traditional distribution, and its acceptance of genre content has brought in a new readership for comics. 

Is this information enough to support and download webtoon app from epic games apk the mobile-first digital app’s ability to transform the US comics industry? Without a doubt, it gives artists food for thought.