Western Gold Slot Review

Put on your hat, draw your revolver and shoot your bet in Western Gold, a new slot set in the American Wild West.

On this occasion, Microgaming, developer of some of the best online casino slots, Book of Oz slot machine, Extra Chill machine, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways slot game, Mega Moolah slot, etc., brings us a simple, at the same time, quite exciting game. Here, we find all the elements of a spaghetti western movie, including the soundtrack.

Western Gold Slot Overview

The superslot ทางเข้า that we present is set in the Wild West of the North American continent, when Europeans settled in the territory in search of precious gold. And this is precisely the story of Western Gold, only instead of gold here we get rewards.

Here, we can find all the elements of the Far West imaginary: riding boots, hat, revolver, whip, the sheriff’s star, horseshoes… Each of these symbols has its rewards, some of them very interesting.

For the rest, we find a very dynamic soundtrack with a banjo touch, how could it be otherwise. But what finishes off the setting are its sound effects. Every time you play a roll you will hear how the revolver is loaded, and when you get a winning combination you will hear the shot. So sharpen your aim, put the cartridge and shoot!

How to Play Western Gold Slot Online

First of all, Western Gold’s visual layout makes it easily playable on any device. In this slot we find a simple 4 x 5 reel, with a total of 40 pay lines and 11 symbols.

But the main peculiarity of Western Gold is that, in addition to the fact that some winning combinations on the pay lines can give us interesting rewards, we have a key symbol that will help us get up to 10,000x the amount of the bet: horseshoes.

But first let’s look at a summary of the symbols and their rewards.

Boots, Guns, Whip, and Hat: When hitting winning combinations, these symbols give us the most basic rewards.

BAR Symbols: This word is common in many slots. In this case, they will bring us rewards that will be greater depending on whether we combine the same symbols and the number of BAR words they contain.

Symbol 7 with a blue background: Having 5 of these symbols on the reels may allow us to multiply our bet by 30.

Symbol W, or Wild: When combined with each other, they work the same as the symbol 7. But individually, it works as a wild symbol in combination with the other symbols, with the exception of the horseshoe and the sheriff’s star.

Golden Horseshoe: Its main objective is to achieve the highest number of horseshoes in one roll. If you get 4, which is not difficult, you get the amount of the bet. But the interesting thing is that, from 5 horseshoes, the reward multiplies exponentially (5 horseshoes multiply the bet by 5; 6 horseshoes, by 15; and thus reach 12 horseshoes that multiply the bet by 10,000). And although it may seem difficult to land many horseshoes in one spin, the possibility of achieving it is in the Free Spins mode.

Sheriff Star Free Spins Symbol: Stars appear in columns 2, 3 and 4 on the reel. If you get 3 stars, the Free Spins mode is activated.

Western Gold Slot Free Spins

Like the other top slots, such as Sweet Bonanza slot machine, etc., Western Gold slot also has Free Spins feature. As we have seen before, the key throughout the game is to get as many horseshoes as possible in one roll, and this is achieved above all in the Free Spins.

When we collect 3 sheriff stars in a spin, it goes to a new screen where you will see the Free Spins counter with 3 initial free spins. They may seem few, but don’t worry: every time you get a horseshoe on the reel, the counter will restart again with a total of 3 free spins.

In addition, every time you get a horseshoe during the Free Spins feature, it’ll be added to the top panel, and at the end of the Free Spins round, all the horseshoes will be added up, increasing your rewards.

Where to Play Western Gold Slot

Now that you know the adventures of this fantastic slot, it’s time to choose the best online casino, Betssen, to enjoy this slot.

Enter the world of gold rush, sharpen your aim and win!