Why Is Property for Sale in Antalya Favorite with Foreigners?

Foreigners love Antalya very much because the properties here are affordable compared to other regions of Turkey. It is not only that the apartments in Antalya are reasonably priced, but also the beautiful view and ambiance of the city attract foreigners.

Foreigners living in Antalya have become one of the largest foreign national communities in Turkey. After Istanbul, Antalya is the second most popular city for foreign property purchases. In addition, it registers a large number of approved residence permits, leaving behind other foreign-intensive cities such as Muğla, Aydın, and Izmir.

Thousands of foreigners have moved here from their native countries and now live in this city all year round, but more importantly, it also caters to various nationalities. If we look at Altinkum in the Aegean region, it gives weight to the nickname “Little Britain” because it has a large British population, but Antalya is a cosmopolitan city that attracts Russians, Middle Easterners, Europeans, Asians, and British buyers. Cyprus villas present an excellent chance for those wishing to buy a home in the sun Click here: https://northcyprusdaily.com/villas/.

Foreigners in Antalya: Where Do They Live?

When the statistics collected by the state of the Republic of Turkey are examined, they do not only include the figures for the main city center; they also collect data from all regions, from the southernmost to the northernmost, and from the westernmost to the easternmost of Antalya’s provincial borders.

Each of these regions has its own advantages and features. Therefore, everyone opens the door to a happy life by choosing the most suitable place for themselves.

To give an example, golfers who love Belek’s world championship-standard courses prefer Belek. The all-encompassing center of Alanya, on the other hand, appeals to a wide audience thanks to affordable real estate prices. While Antalya’s city center offers everything, the charming Side resort is ideal for a quiet life. The fact that the regions have different characteristics helps everyone find a town, seaside resort, or village that will make them feel at home.

Is Antalya a Nice Place to Live?

Some of the best holiday destinations may not always be the best place to start a new life and move there. Vacationing and living there are different. In exchange for a unique experience, we are ready to sacrifice some luxuries.

When it comes to permanent living, most of us wear ‘let’s be practical hats’. In order to make the most of the conveniences of everyday life, we need a certain degree of familiarity and the comforts of modern infrastructure. You will see if Antalya is suitable for you in this regard as well.

Antalya is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey for foreign real estate investors. Antalya is a cosmopolitan city. You can meet people from all over the world in Antalya. For this reason, Antalya feels like a very global place.

You don’t have to live in the center of the city. There are many small coastal towns and villages within the provincial borders of Antalya. If you like an urban and bustling lifestyle, then the city center of Antalya is the place to live. The metropolitan feel and everything that goes with it can be found in the city center.

There are many shopping centers in Antalya city center. We all have needs and we can easily get them from shopping centers. Cozy shops are great for our holidays. But if you are going to live anywhere for a long time, you may need large supermarkets and retailers.

Shopping in Antalya, you can find everything you want with a number of new shopping centers offering the latest brand names and products, large supermarkets that usually offer much more affordable products than in the UK and other European destinations. These supermarkets will definitely not disappoint you.

Of course, not all stores have gone completely global, there is also a very good chain of traditional stores in the city that sell everything from incredibly beautiful local carpets dyed from natural materials to jams and fruit jellies that are popular in the region.

Antalya, which is such a lively tourist resort, is also at the forefront of entertainment. In addition to the more traditional summer activities, there are excellent cinemas where you can watch movies, usually in English as well as Turkish. And there are many beauties that will not end counting. In the continuation of our blog, we will also talk about other advantages.

Location of Antalya

This may seem commonplace to you, but the location is a fairly important criterion when choosing a living space or making a real estate investment. Located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, Antalya offers easy access to sandy beaches, warm seas, and sunlight with plenty of sunny days every year. However, it is not only the weather that encourages foreigners to buy a new apartment in Antalya. The surrounding countryside is also magnificent, with the Taurus Mountains in the western region and the densely forested parks in the north.

There are waterfalls, fast-flowing rivers for water rafting, long-distance hiking trails, and mountain biking trails for all abilities. This also allows you to do a lot of sports activities. Belek is home to world-famous golf courses. The small port areas, which are easily accessible by car, are suitable for day trips. You will encounter excellent views here. Whether you’re hankering after a luxury apartment with a sea view, yearning to be at one with nature, or are considering an exclusive modern golf villa in Belek, you’ll find your ideal home in the Antalya region.

Antalya International Airport and Transport

Every foreigner wants to be able to easily return to their home country when they want to see their friends and family. Antalya has an international airport that welcomes year-round flights from all over the world. Antalya Airport is a state-of-the-art airport that has won many awards. As the most important tourist air travel center of Turkey, round-trip affordable flights to other countries are made all year round.

It is also easy to come here due to the location of D400 well-maintained highways lined from the easternmost to the westernmost part of Turkey and the fact that Antalya has many ports of entry if arriving by sea.

The Weather in Antalya

One of the biggest reasons why Antalya is loved by foreigners is that it has a Mediterranean climate. The sun shines in Antalya for about 330 days every year. Therefore, even in winter, you can sit outside in a cafe or on the balcony of your luxurious villa in Antalya and have lunch or drink coffee. It is usually warm enough during most periods of the year to sunbathe and paddle in the sea; some hardy people even swim all year round.

It can be cold at night for a very little period of the winter months. You can see spectacular storms, and sometimes it rains for several days. But these periods do not last long. Modern buildings in Antalya are well insulated against all weather conditions; wood-burning stoves, air conditioning units, or other heating systems will keep you comfortable, providing warmth until the sun rises again.

Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beaches

A seaside environment has always been loved. The sea breeze, calm water for swimming, and sand between your toes are just some of the wonderful sensations that the beach will give you. Antalya has always had a place in the competition in terms of beaches with high user ratings on TripAdvisor.

In addition, according to Blue Flag standards, Antalya has one of the five best beaches in the world. Cleopatra, Konyaalti, and Kaputaş beaches in Antalya are three of the most popular and welcome thousands of visitors every year. All-inclusive holiday facilities and the annual sand festival also make Lara Beach famous.

Historical Nostalgia

Almost all of us like modern life, but at the same time, we are interested in our historical past. Despite the fact that Antalya has a modern place in Turkey, its heritage also fascinates visitors with the old town and numerous ancient ruins and archaeological sites. The influence of the Ottoman Empire is seen in the old mosques and traditional houses. Roman traces can be seen in historical places such as Aspendos and tombs, revealing the history of Lycia. A good travel guide for any business will confirm whether exploring historical places is your passion or not; Antalya provides 100 percent and more.

Property and Prices in Antalya

What a buyer might like in Antalya is that there are plenty of options. After all, Antalya is a constantly developing city, so there are both new and resold houses for sale that suit most tastes and budgets.

The global coronavirus epidemic has led to some demographic changes in Turkey. Especially since 2020, the attractiveness of houses in coastal areas has been increasing, and this situation is increasing prices. The popularity of Antalya among Turks has increased after 2021, the second after Istanbul and four times more than the capital Ankara, the sale of housing has been made. A total of 12,384 housing sales were made in Antalya.

Recently, economic conditions and incentives have also helped to increase Antalya’s attractiveness to foreign investors and increase the transition to Turkish citizenship. While the Turkish lira experienced difficulties in the international currency markets in the second half of 2021, the US dollar, euro, and pound sterling achieved better exchange rates, bringing quality homes to more buyers’ budgets.

In addition, the growing popularity of the city as a tourist destination has helped the rental market grow. This means more demand for properties with letting potential, regardless of size. The change in the law, which simplifies the purchase process for overseas investors, indicates that demand will gradually increase even more.

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