Why You Should Choose WPS Academy

WPS Academy is an ideal choice for many reasons. It’s free, user-friendly, and offers courses suitable for all skill levels.

It’s an ideal solution for those who require an office suite but don’t require the premium features offered by Microsoft office. Furthermore, it is compatible with a range of platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Free Training

No matter your skill level or ambition, WPS Academy offers an impressive selection of free training courses to help improve productivity with WPS office products, learn new tips and tricks, and stay abreast of the most recent features and upgrades. These tutorials are tailored to help you maximize the value of each subscription.

This free online training platform offers some truly remarkable courses and resources you won’t find elsewhere. From the fundamentals to advanced topics, these tutorials will keep you up-to-date on all the features of Microsoft Office suite. With clear instructions and an engaging interface, getting productive is now easier than ever! Plus, all these lessons can be accessed from either computer or mobile device!

Easy to Use

WPS Academy can benefit all types of individuals, whether you’re a business owner, student or stay-at-home parent. It provides courses on various topics such as time management and online collaboration to help boost productivity levels.

Moreover, the software is user-friendly and doesn’t necessitate any complicated setup or configuration. All that’s required is a web browser and computer with an internet connection.

If you need a program that can open documents from various formats, WPS Office is an ideal choice. It supports all major file types and lets you open different document tabs as separate windows for easier navigation.


WPS Academy has taken all necessary security measures to guarantee its office suite users a secure and comfortable experience. This includes offering 1GB of free cloud storage for all your files and documents.

Furthermore, the suite can function offline with ease and allows you to customize its interface and skin according to your requirements.

WPS Spreadsheet offers easy spreadsheet editing capabilities, saving you time and enabling revision of your work with ease. In fact, the suite offers 16 training courses on spreadsheet skills to make you an expert user of WPS Spreadsheet and maximize its potential – leading to a more productive workspace overall.


Flexibility is paramount for students who are mobile, at risk and have special needs. WPS Academy fully embraces a competency-based system of learning so students can move at their own pace.

This competency-based system utilizes mastery targets to guide students towards mastery. This student-centric approach is successful in meeting each student’s individual needs and interests.

The Community Based Transition Program equips students with intellectual disabilities the tools necessary to pursue post-secondary options based on their post-secondary vision. After graduating high school, these students receive ongoing support in the community at Fanning Adult Learning Center or Assumption College Transition Seminar Component (run by WPS Transition staff). This gives them an opportunity to audit college courses, gain work experience, and ultimately achieve independence throughout all aspects of life.

Presentation suit

One of the most essential tasks for students and professionals is creating an eye-catching presentation. WPS office suite offers powerful tools to make this happen quickly. Not only does it add eye-catching animations, but also allows you to compress slides so they’re easier to share online.

WPS Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office that offers features like full-screen preview of your work, an integrated PDF reader and direct cloud syncing between desktop and mobile applications. It’s ideal for business users looking to reduce IT expenses. The company has an extensive online library of training videos and tutorials to help maximize your WPS experience. With some patience and hard work you’ll be an expert user in no time! It truly is one of the best office suites available today – make it part of your must-have programs today!

Spreadsheet suit

Spreadsheets are computer programs that let you create and edit data. You can enter text or numbers into cells, use formulas, and perform other tasks with them as well.

You can add headings to columns and rows to help identify them. For instance, “Handguns” would go in a column containing handguns, while “Rifles” would belong in another one.

By doing this, you can instruct the spreadsheet to total up the number of murders committed with each type of weapon.

Spreadsheets are often included as part of an office productivity suite that also includes a word processor and presentation program. Since these applications often share similar commands for performing similar tasks, transferring data between them becomes much simpler.

Graph suit

Graphs are ideal for presenting a lot of data in an accessible format. There are various types of charts and graphs used for business or educational purposes, with the best ones making users feel like true experts when it comes to understanding their company or institution’s performance. For instance, a combo chart with bars and lines is essential for business analysts. In today’s world of big data, analytics, and predictive modeling, your organization or institution must be able to critically analyze information so you can make informed decisions with confidence. You must also master how to communicate your findings effectively to colleagues through an organized report. To accomplish this task, you need an office suite that meets all your needs at a budget-friendly price point. Thankfully, WPS Academy provides 16 free training courses on office suites of all sizes and types.

Writer suit

As a writer, having access to quality writing tools is essential. The WPS office suite provides the perfect platform for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease.

If you’re not sure how to utilize WPS Office, WPS Academy offers numerous training courses at no cost that will equip you with all of the skills required for working with this software. These video tutorials will give you all of the knowledge needed to master WPS office.

Another advantage of WPS office is that you can open five different document formats simultaneously as tabs, saving time and effort by not having to open each file individually.

Furthermore, it provides easy file transfer between desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, cloud storage is supported, making it ideal for those who wish to store documents online.