Work in Australia without knowing English

Are you thinking of coming to Australia for a while, but your English is quite bad? If you have the dream of going to live abroad for a while, you will be interested to know that it is possible to work in Australia without knowing English. We explain how!

Come with the student visa

We assume that if you have a low level of English and you want to come to Australia, you will be interested in improving your English as soon as possible. Therefore, the best option is to obtain a student visa.

This visa will allow you to study and work at the same time in the country of kangaroos and you do not have to demonstrate a great command of the language to obtain the visa. You can go to the English academy in the morning and work in the afternoon or vice versa.

*You can travel to Australia with other visas such as Work and Holiday, but you need an IELTS (4.5) or Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) English certificate.

Get a job in Australia without knowing English

If you want to get a job quickly, that you can combine with the English school, it is best not to set too many limits. In the service sector there are many part-time jobs and flexible hours that you can combine with your studies.

It is very likely that at first you will get jobs in which the interaction with the client is null or limited. Don’t worry, little by little.

You will have to be open to experimenting with this type of work that you might never have thought you would do, but you know what? That too is part of the adventure you’ve embarked on and will make you discover skills and abilities you didn’t even know you had.

Make local friends

The greater the number of friends, the more likely it is that someone in need of an employee will consider you for a position.

Networking is always very important, but in Australia more. So feel free to get out there and make friends!

Adapt your resume to the Australian model

This is an essential step that you must take before starting the search and achieving your goal of working in Australia without knowing English.

If there is something that you must always respect, it is Australian standards. You will need to adapt your CV to the Australian format and we recommend having a native take a look at it to avoid any errors going unnoticed.

Leave the shame at home

If you want to find a life on the other side of the planet, I assure you that you will not need it. What’s more, you will have to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Both to improve the language and to meet people from other cultures, it is best to jump in and not question yourself so much.

For some strange reason, it is very common, especially among Spanish speakers, for embarrassment to speak in English to appear when you start with the language. We want you to know that it is something normal and that these reservations will only be removed with practice and more practice.

A good way to make friends and practice English is through language exchanges. There are many agencies and schools that organize them, so find out and come to the next meeting. You can find English schools in Australia on

Let yourself be seen!

To look for work in Australia without knowing much English, it is true that you can take a look at pages like Gumtree or Seek (they are the main websites for looking for work in Australia) where low-skilled jobs with few requirements are advertised.

But if you want something cash, print your CV and walk the streets dressed with your best smile. They are much more likely to contact a person with whom they have had a brief but pleasant interaction than a complete stranger.

Attitude is everything

Ok, your English is not the best of you, but you have a predisposition, a great desire to learn, you have self-confidence and although your English does not accompany you, you are able to communicate with others despite the fact that your grammar is not perfect.

You are hired! Although it may seem incredible to you, this is what many of the employers who are looking for personnel will think.

Smile, smile, smile

In addition to the fact that smiling reduces stress and increases creativity, it causes others a better feeling about us. And remember that your goal is to fall from grace!

So if you still can’t communicate as you want through language, maximize your resources by resorting to body language and gestures. Although you may not believe it, they say much more about you than you can imagine.